Imagine you’re excited about a weekend away or some other big event. You’re really looking forward to it, you’ve taken time off, picked up some last-minute items, planned out every detail, and you can’t wait to connect with friends, your partner, or even yourself. As you embark on your much-needed journey, things are not unfolding according to plan and you can feel the frustration and disappointment mounting. You have a choice… start freaking out or switch gears and get a new perspective. 

  • Loose Grip: Allowing for the twists and turns of life. You have a choice of how to respond to an unexpected event. Accept it for what it is and keep moving, or resist it and waste energy feeling angry and annoyed.
  • Gratitude: The practice of appreciating what you have. By returning to gratitude in times of stress, you are able to reset your energy and move into solution. Gratitude and Lack cannot co-exist.
  • Choose Love:The foundation for happiness… by always striving to make the loving choice in every situation, you set yourself up for more abundance, happiness, and inner peace. 

You have the power to create your reality, have the most amazing experiences, and the most spectacular life. It all boils down to choosing a new perspective, over and over. Are you going to focus on the things in life that you don’t want and allow yourself to be frustrated and upset? Or will you choose to focus on the beauty, and be grateful for it? 

Wishing you a day full of beauty. 

Choose Love,
John & Jami