If you’re feeling like you’re not where you want to be or spinning your head, feeling stuck or discouraged, remember that this is a year of massive transformation for many of us.⁠⁠

Don’t compare yourself to others.

I’m all for being inspired, but don’t compare your journey, your success, or your progress to someone else. ⁠⁠

Stay in your own lane. ⁠⁠

And if you’re not where you want to be, or have the outcomes you desire, consider asking yourself what’s really stopping or holding you back?

⁠⁠Is it fear of being visible and putting yourself out there in a bigger way?⁠ Fear of what others might think or say about you? Fear of failure? Is it feeling not enough or doubting yourself? Is it not knowing HOW to do something?⁠ Is it not having the right connections or support to help get you there faster? Or, maybe having more courage to confidently stand out?⁠⁠

Here are 3 Keys to help get you back on track:⁠⁠

1. Gain Clarity⁠⁠

Get super clear on what you want and why it matters to you. Maybe what you want today, is different from what you wanted last year. That’s ok. Just get clear.

What are you going for, want to accomplish, be, feel, experience, create, or achieve? Keep that top of mind, write it down, or have a place where you can always see it as a reminder.

2. Connect to Your Drive and Hunger⁠⁠

You have to desire something from deep within, on an emotional level and have the drive & hunger to bring it to life. Your “why” and you’re desire needs to help move you. If you don’t have any drive or hunger for something, you might as well be dragging a bus. Trust me, it’s harder to get anywhere. ⁠⁠ When you have a strong inner drive and hunger, you can move mountains.

3. Consistency ⁠⁠

There’s nothing wrong with taking a pause. Taking a break, or maybe even pivoting in a better direction. But the key is to keep going. One foot in front of the other. Being consistent and taking action. Imperfect action is better than no action. Consistency is key to anything worthwhile. ⁠⁠

What’s something you’ve been wanting to do better or something you’re working towards right now? ⁠⁠Comment below your biggest takeaway or share if this resonates with you.