I think the reality is many women squeeze themselves….to fit into the world of prestige (and achievement) that we ourselves didn’t design. 

I was called a tree hugger in the legal profession (as a joke)…but the truth is — I never really fitted in as me.

And I knew it…so I had to contort myself more than I knew at the time. 

I did it, until I couldn’t do it anymore…..it was suffocating. 

And like a tree, a woman needs three things to grow and become a tree (or woman) of her highest potential….⠀

1. Self-Security : she needs to be grounded and centred in the earth so she has a solid and foundational space to grow from. ⠀

2. Self-Authority – she needs to give herself permission to grow into whatever type of tree she wants to be and she doesn’t need to consult any of the neighbouring or parenting trees to do that. ⠀⠀

3. Self-Express : a tree is a creative expression of itself (as is every woman) – it may sound obvious but it’s expression is as the tree it wants to be and no doubt she’s whispering her words of wisdom to all the other trees. 

So what about you?

Do you know how to self-securitise? Do you know how to self authorise and self express? And I mean like really know?

As women our history as a collective is that we haven’t automatically had the right to any of these things! 

We’ve been taught that security, authority and the right to express ourselves comes from elsewhere… ⠀

So is it any wonder that women still struggle with these three things….even now? 

This truth is, I’m yet to work with a woman in the past 5 years I’m yet to work with an already successful woman (ready to break out from prestige or has already done so) who doesn’t struggle with one or all three of these things…..(even if she is unaware of it). ⠀

She is either holding back (taking flight) or puffing up (taking fight) and the truth is either version is a distorted version of herself. ⠀

As along with these 3 trees, these are the 3 keys to self-actualisation you need to unlock your higher potential and purpose. ⠀

If you want to find out how you can unlock them, …..message me here on Linkedin or email me at [email protected] and check out the self study course www.luluminns.com/3keys ⠀


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