Woman holding white mug with text "Like a Boss"

It’s a new year with amazing opportunities and endless possibilities! Here are things that you can do in the new year to help you get your legal house in order and on the path to success.

Review your contracts.

Whether you’ve been burned in the past and need to include additional terms to prevent that situation from happening again, you pivoted your business and may need to consider new protections or you realize you are wasting cycle times and delaying signature on contracts for terms that you ultimately end up agreeing to in the long run, the start of a new year is a great time to review your contracts to make sure that they include the terms necessary to protect your business and are structured efficiently to allow you to close deals faster.

Do an overall legal audit.

Do you have everything in place that you should have in place to protect what you’re working so hard for? With changing strategies, it’s important to assess what you have in place based on your changing business and determine what, if anything, is needed as your business evolves and grows.

Review your processes.

Confidential information and intellectual property are two of the most important assets of a technology company, so it’s important to make sure that you’re taking appropriate measures to safeguard it. Review your processes to make sure you are restricting access to your confidential information and intellectual property and doing what you can to protect it.