I think throughout school, we have all had those teachers who have impacted our lives.

Some did negatively, but I think we all have at least one who saw something in us that pushed us. In my 14 years of schooling and college education, there were three that taught me something more than that subject. 

You’re Always Worth Being Stood Up For – Mrs H Howard (English) 

 When I was 14, I was bullied. I always say it wasn’t that bad because I know people who had it a lot worse, but it made English lessons intolerable. The first term we had a flurry of substitute teachers which was made the access to bully me easier as we were mostly left to our own devices. However, after that, we were given the head of the department. She was a little scary at first, but I think our class took to her teaching and the stories she told us well. How many teachers would tell you that they failed all their GCSEs the first time? Anyway, she heard from my form tutor who’d I’d told about the issues and called me into her classroom during break time and spoke with me. She asked who, what they were saying and promised that if they did anything else she would “kick them in the face”. I’m sure that wasn’t literal. But it made me laugh and she was true to her word. And the bullying stopped. 

Have People In Your Life Who Believe In You – Mr C Anders (Physics)

Before I wanted to study media and journalism, I wanted to study physics. People underestimate who beautiful physics is, these simple ways of explaining the way the galaxies move and water running down the plughole. And Mr Anders was good at teaching his subject – even the people who hated physics would still love the lessons and he could make the class passionate about the work. Knowing I had a great interest in physics, he lent me his very own books about physics. It got to the point that I was semi-almost-understanding these post-graduate physics concepts about time and space. He told me once that to do well in physics (and life) you need a little talent, a lot of hard work, and a lot of passion. And that I had it. I didn’t go on to study physics, as much as it broke my heart to not, having him believe in my success has stayed with me.  

Be Motivated By Love – Darren Horne (Social Media? I guess? Maybe?) 

Darren was a tutor of mine while I was at college. I’m sure they hired him to teach film, however, he tended to teach anything but. He taught a lot about social media, personal branding and showed us his journey. Without him, I wouldn’t have started writing and found what I want to do. But he had a lot of philosophy on the light and dark side, and we talked a lot about being motivated by the light. Be vulnerable, let people see who you are. There is great power in that, it allows people to relate and do the same. As artists, we have a responsibility to have our art say something and do good with it. Be motivated by love and goodness and you can help people. 

I think anyone who has had good teachers understands what it means to them. You learn a lot from teachers. And I think the best can stay with you.