Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, DJ Bander is a versatile producer, DJ, and remixer with major production credits under his belt. He underwent extensive music training from BAM, USC, and the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles. 

From the very beginning, music was a part of Bander’s life, starting first with playing the piano at five years old and later becoming involved with several bands. But because Bander wanted more creative control of the pieces he produces, he began creating music on his own, moving quickly into orchestration. 

Now, he has grown his company to a full-scale production house and has become a top 100 charting producer two times over. 

DJ Bander is also now the director of strategic partnerships for a seven-figure international marketing firm called Alter New Media.

Yet the road to his current success wasn’t as easy as it seems. Luckily, Bander quickly adapted to the environment and found a way to be able to cope easily with the challenges ahead. 

Creating A Supportive Team 

According to DJ Bander, the most important thing to build as an artist is a team that supports your vision. 

“Nobody can do everything alone. It takes time, patience, and perseverance,” he said. 

The right team will not only push you towards your desired goal but will also do what they can to help you achieve it. Plus, they also work according to your principles and values so they can help you deal with challenges accordingly to make things easier to handle. 

Avoiding Stress And Burnout 

Challenges aren’t the only obstacles that are present in any career. As a high-functioning individual with a successful career, DJ Bander is not unfamiliar with stress and burnout. However, he also has an approach on how he can best handle them. 

One is to take breaks so that your physical and mental well-being are ready to take on new opportunities. Meanwhile, the other approach is to ask for help and guidance from mentors especially experienced ones so they can give the best insight on how to move forward. 

More Advice For Aspiring Artists

In recent years, the music industry has become a saturated industry with various artists looking to make their way to the top and aspiring ones trying to break through the scene. 

To the latter, Bander offers the following advice: 

“Start with one task and focus on creating your sound. Don’t hesitate to get the education needed to sculpt your sound. Intern for a professional in the industry as well this will give you the experience needed to perform at a high operational level.”

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