This is a word mostly used to mean concession  or compromise, when  at some point in marriage life you realise that you are better off divorced but you give yourself reasons to continue trying. This middle ground is normally taken by a spouse considering children, the society and resources

In most cases settling resonates with resentment and however much everything is played under the bridge, comes a time when the inevitable happens.

Let’s examine 3 major reasons for settling in a botched marriage

  1. Children

Do you find yourself looking at your little children and wondering how divorce would affect them? Statistics have clearly indicated that children of divorced parents are likely to divorce. Gloom! It is for this reason that you two unhappy souls stick together to the detriment of the very children you both set out to protect.

  1. Stigma

In your now unhappy union, you are determined to make the world believe that you are in a picture perfect union.  You are all cute on social media to show off a happy family whilst deep inside you are battling with conflict. This presentation of false affects your ego and you would rather stay than wreck your image and in tow you are settling in a botched marriage.

  1. Resources


 Most times both of you have worked so hard to accumulate investments. You share a mortgage, you co own a business and maybe a piece of land. This makes you hesitant to sign the dotted lines because you fear the wrangle thereafter or you are afraid to start all over again. This leads to settling and therefore either or both partners would be seething with rage on such a crossroad.

In as much as you may settle for this major reasons or any other reason, it is salient to examine yourself. Critically look at how each reason for settling will impact on both you and your partner in the long run or the grave impact it will have on your children.