Change of any kind must come from within the mind. If you want to change your life in big or small ways, you must first adjust your mindset. The best way to liberate yourself from old ways of thinking is to shift your perspective on situations and become more innovative in your approaches. 

If you’re ready to change and enhance your life, the co-founder of The Coaching Masters, Liam James Collins, shares some of his top tips to help you develop an entrepreneur’s mindset. 

Find your purpose

The first thing Liam always focuses on when working with Entrepreneurs is to help them find their purpose. This can only happen when an entrepreneur truly knows what their values are.

He considers the values most fundamental to us as Love, Freedom, Money, Kindness, Adventure, Joy, Connection, Defense, Loyalty, amongst other things.

According to Liam, “Helping entrepreneurs who don’t know their values are useless because if one is not aware of their values, then we spend our time walking around in a constant void of confusion, not moving dynamically in any direction. We can only build a successful business, achieve fulfilment and be happy when we know what is most important to us in this world. We must know what we highly value.”

Be willing to accept change

The second thing that Liam helps people focus on is creating change in their life or business. To get to a higher level, we must be willing to change the things that may be holding us back.

“If a person doesn’t want to change, then a coach is useless to them. People only need the help from a coach when there is something in their life and business that has become too unbearable in its current state.”

To help people create long-lasting, sustainable change, Liam takes them through a process called the 5 Neurological Levels of Change. This includes changing identity, values and beliefs, capabilities, behavior, and environment.

Most people, when they want to make a change in their life, will try to change their environment (where they are), behavior (what they do) or capabilities (how they do it) 

But this is not strong enough. 

Liam takes people through a process of changing their values (what’s important to them), their beliefs (what they believe to be confirmed) and their identity (who they are).

Build your confidence 

A significant part of changing your mindset is building confidence. Liam strongly believes that self-confidence is developed, not designated. We are not born with it.

“Most people think that there are ‘confident people’ in this world and ‘unconfident people.’ Like everyone has been designated a certain amount of confidence, and you have to make do with what you’re given. I beg to differ. Confidence is not designated in rations. It’s built.” shares Liam.

To build confidence, Liam takes his participants through a 3-step process called the confidence triad. The confidence triad focuses on Imagination (internal images), Inner dialogue (internal voice) and Physiology (body posture).

BONUS: Break down limiting beliefs 

Liam helps entrepreneurs and others break down the limiting beliefs that have been holding them back for years. To do this, he helps his audience to understand the difference between empowering beliefs and limiting beliefs.

Liam shares that “Empowering beliefs are things we believe to be true, and they help project us towards success, happiness and fulfillment. Limiting beliefs are things we believe to be true, but they hold us back, keep us down and upset us.”

We all have limiting beliefs. However, we can break them down and replace them with something a lot more empowering. This is a vital thing to do because limiting beliefs is the number one barrier between us and taking the necessary action to be successful.

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