Olawale Seriki | 3 Mistakes Leaders Should Avoid

From handling issues within the workplace to motivating workers throughout the company, everything a leader does come down to having strong skills. One of the greatest ways to manage others successfully is by communicating effectively. Everyone has the skills that help them be a great leader, but there are practices that everyone should avoid. All leaders should try their best to create a management style that creates a positive work environment while staying away from negative characteristics. Here are a few mistakes that all leaders should avoid in order to be successful.


Good leaders should trust their employees to do projects and simple tasks without looking over their should the whole time. Micromanagement is the main reason why some employees never grow. By underestimating their skills and ideas, you’re blocking opportunities for not only the employees but the company as a whole. A leader should take time to learn about an employee’s strengths and weaknesses and how you can help them grow by giving them projects and objectives to fulfill on their own. Goal setting is a great way to avoid micromanaging and allow employees to understand their role in the company.

No Vision

Leaders that lack vision tend to be uninterested in their work and not focused on what the future may hold. Reacting to situations as they occur will only work for so long. Not looking ahead can cause leaders to miss out on great opportunities for them and the company. Without vision, you cannot be a successful leader. Vision allows you to set goals for your company and gives team members the drive to accomplish them. Good leaders should play a role in defining their company’s mission and help create a deeper meaning in their work. Without vision, a leader will not be able to lead for too long.

Lack of Feedback

Leaders should be able to give feedback to their team members without being stingy. Constructive feedback is also a great way to applaud an employee while also helping them improve for next time. A good leader should know that workers normally like receiving praise and feedback from their boss or mentor. People use feedback and notes to grow into a high-performing worker. When a leader gives feedback it shows that they care about their employees and don’t let their good work go unrecognized.