That don’t involve endless strategies and hustle!

Forget a big team or a huge budget behind you – your biggest asset in business is always YOU. ⁣⁣That means you really don’t need a bigger audience, the most kick-ass email funnel ever, a crazy hot social media manager and 1001 fancy strategies to stick to religiously.⁣⁣


Like with most things in life, the answers to creating a successful business lie within. What you really need is to do the inner work so that you can show up with enthusiasm, resilience, self-belief and utter confidence in the work you are doing and what you have to offer. ⁣⁣So forget the “secret” strategies, this what you need to cultivate to smash it in your business:

1. Belief In Business Is EVERYTHING. 


I have a little secret for you: the truth is that you can fumble the strategy and still have everything work out fine. But you can’t bluff your way through the belief because it will shine through in a million and one ways that block your success.

On a fundamental level, everything in life is just energy – and that goes for business too. ⁣That energy is what people are either buying into (or not). Which means that high vibe energy of belief is what you truly need to cultivate for success. Because the more you feel it, the more everyone else will too – and the more they will want what you have to offer. 

Don’t just want it, believe it is coming your way and notice the radical changes it makes to your life. Harness belief in yourself, belief in those around you, belief in the universe to provide.

How to cultivate self-belief in your business every single day.

Because self-belief is so important, it deserves daily work. When you wake up, before you get stuck into those daily tasks, make time for this inner work. Try journalling the following questions:

  1. What awesomeness do I have to offer to people today that they NEED to know about?⁣
  2. What are people missing out on by me NOT sharing what I have to offer in the world? – You don’t have to be saving lives – even if it’s an epic cup of coffee that they’d go without…it still counts.
  3. What can I do for myself today to make me feel friggin’ fantastic about my business?⁣

Everything you want for yourself starts as thought energy. So if something isn’t happening as quickly as you’d like or if those results aren’t appearing, it’s important to become extra curious:

Feel into the energy in your body and mind right now. Feel into the thoughts that are running in the background. Feel into the stories that you are creating about your business at this very moment.

Be honest, when it comes to creating or growing your business do niggling doubts, worries and negative thoughts ever hold you back?

⁣⁣If they do then forget more strategy, spend more time on building up you and see the difference it makes in attracting success to your business.

You won’t be able to radically change your life unless you can radically change your thoughts!

2. Be A Learn-It-All, Not A Know-It-All

You need to give yourself permission to try, fail and cultivate an attitude that reframes challenges to use them to your advantage. 

Having a growth mindset – aka being more concerned with learning and improving than you are with being perfect – is a common characteristic of successful people. 

The fear and anxiety of “getting it wrong” or things “not working out” can feel very real in-the-moment. Shift your measure of success on to the fact that you went for it, that you tried, that you were curious, that you explored and that you grew from that. 

Allow yourself to be proud of every single perceived screw-up in business because at least it means you’re in the game. A growth attitude allows you to measure success not by how many times you fall, but how many times you get back up.

Realistically we can never control the uncontrollable and trying too hard to do so can have detrimental effects on you and your business. I’m talking about too much focus on your desired outcome and not enough attention on the process.⁣ I’m talking about tunnel vision, doing ‘whatever it takes’ to get what you think you want, rather than being open to being shown another way. ⁣I’m talking about stubbornly forcing something when you really need to be letting go.

3. Hold Yourself Accountable 

Accountability is just a fancy word for finding a way to get the stuff done that you need to get done and keep on going through the hard times (because giving up before you reach the finish line is a guaranteed way your business will fail).

It’s all too easy to get quickly lost in “gesture actions” whilst avoiding the tasks that matter most but are difficult to do because they push your comfort zone. ⁣

Powerful action in business requires commitment, resilience and a willingness to get uncomfortable.

Ask yourself: ⁣

  1. Where am I using stalling tactics to avoid getting to the real work which needs to be done?⁣
  2. What routines and commitments can I make right now that will actually move the needle forward towards the results I want to see in my business?⁣

It can be very difficult to hold yourself accountable as we often don’t see our own blind spots.  It’s challenging to shout down the fearful voices that get in the way or see-through the negative stories we can make up. 

Start an accountability diary to make sure you are following through, find a business bestie to be an accountability buddy or even better, hire a coach – just make sure you find a way to do the work that needs to be done.