I’ve shared many times about how I reinvented my career at the age of 45. When I first started my journey, I was unhappy, unfulfilled, and craving a change. Today, more than a year after leaping into a full-time career as a career and leadership coach, I can say I live a joyful life.

That must mean that getting a new job was the solution to all my problems, right? 


A career switch indeed changed my life for the better, but if I had seen it as the sole remedy to all my woes, I’d probably still be miserable (especially when things don’t go my way). 

That’s why today I want to talk to the professional women who are desperately considering getting a new job, thinking it will automatically make everything better. 

Now there are, of course, times when a new job is exactly what you need! But other times, the REAL problem lies elsewhere. And today, I want to challenge you to confront that truth to start to achieve the inner peace needed to make solid decisions concerning your career path.

Here’s Why Getting a New Job Won’t Solve Your Problem Right Now

It Will Distract You From the REAL Issue

You know how sometimes people in a toxic marriage decide to have a baby, hoping the new child will bring them together and improve the relationship? 

The painful truth is this rarely works.

When things don’t feel right, it’s tempting to think that any change will solve the problem. I’ve spoken to many women who, after some reflective work, found out that their job wasn’t the problem at all. It was something else – marriage, health, finances. Even FOMO! 

While it may be painful to take a step back and do some soul searching, I promise you that it will make things much better in the long run. Getting a new job might provide you with that temporary high, but it could distract you from a festering issue that needs addressing before it gets much worse. 

You’ll Still Be There

I’m not trying to be harsh, but it’s important to remember that, no matter where you go, you’ll still be there! 

That means that if you don’t deal with the internal matters you might be facing (e.g., a lack of confidence, self-comparison, or some other weakness), getting a new job will be about as effective as putting a band-aid over a stab wound. You’ll arrive at your new place of employment, ready for a brand new beginning, only to feel dissatisfaction creeping in again not long after. 

No matter how positive your external environment becomes, it will never fully counteract inner turmoil. That’s why being happy and confident within yourself is so important. 

You Don’t Know What You Really Want 

Are your job search efforts coming from a place of optimism and intentionality?

Or are you simply reacting to negative feelings and circumstances? 

If it’s the latter, you most likely aren’t in touch with your actual needs and desires, so it’s no wonder if you’re feeling confused. Going back to my own story, I managed to make such a successful career switch because I knew exactly WHAT I wanted and WHY I liked it. 

CLARITY is a necessary ingredient for making a positive, lasting change, whether you’re trying to get healthier, become debt-free, or find a fulfilling job. If you don’t know what you want, everything you try will be like throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping something sticks. 

And that’s a recipe for frustration. 

Don’t Worry. There’s Hope!

First, know that there’s nothing wrong with you and that you’re not alone; we’ve all been there (trust me).

And second, clarity involves admitting to yourself that there may be more to your current unhappiness than just your job. You need to address those areas because running away is rarely a long-term solution.

But how do you do that? 

Start by getting to know yourself FIRST. 

Start by taking some time to understand your deepest personal values and observing whether they align with how you’re living. Knowing what you value will help you develop an effective inner compass for navigating your decisions even when life gets confusing. 

As a career expert, I love coaching women through career transitions (yes, it often involves getting a new job). AND You know what else gives me passion? Helping professional women find joy and contentment where they are. 

If anything I’ve shared today sounds about right, let’s talk. I want to offer you a free, no-obligation career clarity consult to help you along your way to lasting joy and fulfillment.