First of all, to talk about why they are better, let’s analyze a very pertinent question:

Why is there a prejudice against entrepreneurs who have failed?

For the simple fact that most do not realize and/or do not know that these are the closest successful entrepreneurs. After all, these people learned and had very relevant experiences, and the possibility of getting the next one right is greater than the others.

“It is strange, but here there is the weight of failure, of something that did not work. I believe it is a way for people to look at what is bad in others to the point of feeling better about themselves. But, I would enter here in a very psychological and neuroscientific field. What I need to make clear is: yes, there is this prejudice, unfortunately” says Faiz Israili.

After that, the person must not want to wait for that culture to change, in order to be able to go quiet and be free of possible evil glances. The entrepreneur who understands his mistakes as improvements for the next step thinks about how he can go wrong and ways to get out of it, prevent it and everything, is already starting to gain more muscle to face this fact.

Nothing incredible was done without risk of failure

With that in mind, Faiz Israili would like to share three important points about people who have failed but are still on the journey. This will possibly make you realize differently and even better select your team to  undertake :

Reason # 1 – After falling, the fall does not scare you so much

It can be very bad when you were learning to ride a bike, or the coolest sport of all – Skate (my passion, lol) and you fall down a beautiful tumble, sometimes you feel resentful, angry, and even think that this is not for you … Okay, but when the moment of anger passes, something happens, you discover that it is not glass, and that you are still alive. It is the situation is not so ugly.

This is very good, because fear becomes something that this entrepreneur handles better, he understands that bad things happen, but it is also possible to recover and continue the journey. If you are going to undertake with someone like that it will give you security.

Reason # 2 – More Options to decide

Victory is great, but defeats often teach much more. In this case, someone who has already failed in entrepreneurship several times lost battles and won, in the end it didn’t work out, what were left? Lessons … And that when deciding is great.

A large part of entrepreneurship are daily decisions, whether to increase the price or not, to give up the competition, to accept a new way of negotiating, to make an improvement, to take a legal risk, are many things that we need to decide at all times. The difference is: those who failed have more parameters to analyze the situation and consequently have more chances to get it right, at least not to avoid some normal mistakes.

Reason # 3 – Direct your attention better

It is very common for first-time entrepreneurs to pay attention to many things that they do not need and thus to get lost in the day-to-day chores. It reminds me a lot when you start driving, at the beginning, you have so many things to be aware of that you believe it is impossible for someone to do it, over time you get used to it and it becomes natural.

In entrepreneurship, this first part is just like that, there are many things that people pay attention to, that they don’t really know which to leave out and which to pay more attention to. So they end up doing a lot of things in a bad way, and generally not paying attention to the points of greatest impact. Whoever has failed, possibly learned who shouldn’t listen, where not to pay attention and where to be attentive. Where relevant information comes from and where it is just a waste of time, this makes them more able to evolve.