Resilience is having the ability to cope with crises and challenges in life. Entrepreneurs, especially women, face tremendous challenges and need to have the mental fortitude to manage them. 

Research shows that women make $0.81 for each dollar that men do. Books like Women Don’t Ask also found that women feel tremendous self-doubt in their abilities and as a result, do not ask for higher pay, promotions, and other benefits. 

In this post, we’ll look at how women entrepreneurs can be more resilient so that they can rise from the difficulties they face. 

Learn to embrace change

A resilient person is someone who is able to embrace change. And being able to cope with change comes from having the right attitude. Recognize that your survival brain wants to stay safe and doing creative things like starting a business or writing a book is outside what’s normal in most people’s life.

As a result, your brain will create resistance to change which will manifest as stress, depression, and procrastination. 

First, be aware that resistance is your survival or lizard brain speaking. It can hold you back from even positive change if it means staying safe. Second, learn to accept or embrace failure. When you’re not afraid of failure, you’ll be more welcoming of change because you won’t have an all-or-nothing attitude about the outcome of your business venture. 

Leverage the power of community

As a woman entrepreneur, you don’t have to go it alone! You can leverage the power of a woman-led community to help you develop remarkable resilience when it’s most needed. 

With the help of online networking, you can meet other women people sharing the same interest. You’ll find mentors willing to support you throughout your business journey. 

The support of other women in the same boat will give you tremendous confidence and boost your morale. 

How to find the right community for you? Search for women networking groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, or through an online search. Join these groups and ask them for support when you need it. Creating a mastermind group is even better because you’ll be in close contact with other people on the same path as you while maintaining privacy within a gated online site.  

You’ll find that sharing your stories and listening to those of other women will feed your soul and create resilience. 

Support your mental health with good habits

Mental health plays a very vital role in supporting your resilience. Here are some practical ways to support better mental health which will, in turn, enable you to become more resilient. 

Journal daily: Allowing your thoughts to pour onto a paper journal or a private blog is a healthy way to process your thoughts and feelings. Make this a daily practice to express yourself and reduce stress. 

Eating healthy food: Your brain needs good fats from food like fish, avocados, and nuts to promote brain health. Avoiding sugary treats and refined carbohydrates will also have a long-term positive effect on your brain. Your brain consumes 20% of the entire energy produced by your body, making it essential to provide it with good nutrient-rich food. 

Stay hydrated: Water makes a difference in how well your brain performs. Make sure that you have 7-8 glasses of water a day as a basic way to take care of your brain

Sleep: Neuroscience shows that sleep plays a vital role in how well your brain functions. Good sleep for 8-9 hours a day can transform how you feel as it gives you mind enough rest and helps it stay active during your waking hours. 

By taking care of your brain through these practical and hygienic practices, you ensure that you don’t place undue stress on yourself. When you have a healthy body and mind, you’ll automatically find an inner resource for resilience. 


A resilient mind is one that possesses the right attitude and practices basic hygiene to look after itself. Work with the tips given here and you’re certain to make your mark as a woman entrepreneur. 

To close this post, I suggest looking at the work of women like Dr. Tara Swart who wrote The Source. Learning about how your brain works and getting inspiration from women just like you will help you grow into the strong woman leader you dreamed of becoming.