steps for an epic 2021

This past year gave us trials and challenges that we’ve never faced before, but we’ve all been reminded of the power of resilience, self-care, and controlling what we CAN (and letting go of the rest). 

These are NOT small lessons! And while they’re certainly hard to go through, they will serve us for the rest of our lives.

So, today I encourage you to reflect on your year with love.

  • Where did you see successes?
  • What would you like to improve?
  • And what lessons have you learned in such a growth-filled year?

Then, set an intention for 2021. May we make it epic. May we grow and stretch in ways we didn’t think possible this coming year.

Because regardless of outside circumstances, it is ALWAYS within our power to do so.

Here are three simple steps to make this your best year ever.

Let Go of 2020

Take your beneficial reflections with you and let go of the rest. The year is over, and we made it through. Now, don’t spend too much time letting the past dictate your future.

Set Goals for 2021

In order to truly thrive this coming year, you need direction!

So, decide what it is you want to do with your year. How can you challenge yourself? What goals will you set that push you to get where you want to go?

Make sure all of the goals you set have clear deadlines and are slightly outside of your comfort zone.

Read more about this at goal setting and year planning tips.

Make a Detailed But Flexible Plan

Finally, a realistic and clear process to achieving your goals is a non-negotiable step to success.

How will you GET to where you want to go? What are the daily, weekly, and monthly habits you need to implement?

And if you don’t know, what do you need to learn to figure it out? What does that learning process look like?

In Conclusion

Mindset is EVERYTHING, and if you believe that too, it will without a doubt be a healthy, happy, and impactful year for us.

“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.”

Steve Maraboli