Unleashing the best version of yourself every day is a tough task, especially if you strive to be a well-rounded high performer. By following these 3 deceptively simple strategies below, you will boost your performance. You might even surprise yourself with what you accomplish. 

1. Drink 128 Oz Of Water Daily   

Chronic dehydration kills performance. Your dehydration is chronic when it recurs often or for longer periods, sometimes regardless of how much fluid you take in on a particular day.  This is a plague that can easily be reversed by just drinking water. Before we get into how much water you should drink, take a look at how much water some key body parts contain. 

According to H.H. Mitchell in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%. If you are are consistently not getting enough water, how can you function as a high performer? Just by drinking more water, you can give yourself a boost in physical performance, mental clarity, and energy levels.

The fastest and easiest way to drink more water to boost high performance is to follow this plan:

When you wake up, immediately drink 16 oz to 24 oz (2-3 cups) of water. Keep a BPA-free gallon jug of water with you during the day. Whenever you free hungry or thirsty, drink a cup of water. Before meals, drink two to three cups of water, as well. Aim to drink about ten to eleven cups (approximately 2/3 gallon) of water total each day. As you consume more water throughout the day, your body will natural adapt, and you will notice the boost in performance within a week.

Add lemon and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt for flavoring and an even more supercharged boost, as well. 

 2. Strive To Sleep For 6-7 Of High Quality   

Our toxic hustle culture preaches that to be successful, you must work 24/7 on your dreams (e.g., your business). If not, you are written off as lazy, unmotivated, and unfit to have a dream. Motivational speakers rally crowds with stories about celebrities and actors that have not slept in days. That’s the wrong approach: More work and less sleep actually makes you less productive. Sleep-deprived workaholism always leads to a severe decline in performance. 

We are all meant to work, sleep, move, love, and eat. Harvard Business Reviews interviewed Marc Effron, author of 8 Steps to High Performance: Focus On What You Can Change (Ignore the Rest).  He shares that you must have at least 6 to 7 hours of quality sleep every day to maximize your performance. You may have heard stories of high performers that are able to function on 4 hours of sleep, but in the real world, only a tiny group of people can function well with that little sleep. The vast majority of us must have 6 to 7 hours of high quality sleep to optimize performance. 

To have quality sleep, use your bed for sleep and sex. That’s it. Nothing else. You may have a book by your bedside, but nothing else. Do not work in your bedroom. You want to holistically program yourself to believe that you only use your bedroom sleeping. 

Set yourself up for deep, restorative sleep by controlling your bedroom’s climate. According to research done in University of South Australia, a cold (between the temperature of 60-67 degrees) and dark room helps the body to activate deeper sleep cycles. This fosters restfulness in high performers, leaving us ready to attack the day.

Phones are a killer of restful sleep. Setting up the blue light filter and and auto shut-off mode close to bed time reduces the negative effects of phone use before bed. Most phones come with these functions built in. Check the phone's settings app.

 3. Workout for 30 minutes every day  

I hate to use the term “work out” because instantly my clients’ minds and yours may automatically recall some trainer yelling to do some more god-awful burpees. Actually, working out at any level of intensity can help you boost your energy and overall performance. 

The reason it is so effective is that your workout will affect everything else above that you do. When you work out, you will become more mindful about the amount of water you are drinking. The less water you drink, the more you will notice its impact on your performance when you’re working out. As you drink more water, you will naturally feel your workout go more smoothly, and your performance will increase.

In the same way, if you get 6-7 hours of quality sleep, you will feel the difference in your workouts vs. when you don’t get enough sleep. Not only is working out great for performance, but it is also an outstanding measuring tool for your overall performance, as well.   

Start with walking and slowly progress your intensity. Stew Smith is a great tool and online trainer I highly recommend as well.

The Beginning

It is never too late to get started. Be super intentional. Right now go find some water and drink it. Make sure that you get 6-7 hours of quality sleep in the dark. Go for a walk while enjoying your favorite playlist. In no time you will unleash your the best version of yourself. And your friends and family will be asking you how they can do the same.

This is not the end for you but the beginning of a new lifestyle. You must be consistent and find your flow with this all. When you master these 3 keep stacking even more strategies to grow your high performance.

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