Consuming informational materials is good until it starts to render you unproductive and helpless.

You’ve got so many courses, trainings, books and study materials at your disposal.

….but you get too into everything that you become even more confused than you were before you started the whole thing.

Now, you’re trying to take action and start something – but you have no idea where and how to take the first step.

Sounds familiar?

This is called information overload – Consuming so much information with no idea what to do with all of it.

As much as it’s great to buy courses, learn new things and take advantage of discount courses – getting caught in the web of information overload is a very dreadful experience.

Why Information Overload Is a very Dreadful Experience

Besides rendering you unproductive, it leaves you totally disorganised and lost.

The more you learn, the more confused you become.

The more you learn, the farther you become from taking action.

Finally, the more you learn – the more you think you need another information out there.

If you haven’t experienced this before, you might not understand the actual struggle from my above illustration.

I understand this because I’ve experienced this before, and in fact I was almost going crazy!!

I knew a whole lot, but could only do so little while producing zero results.

But I was able to get out of this dreadful net by doing a few things that I’ll be sharing with you.

1. Define Your Goals

When you don’t know what you want or have a direction, you do anything and follow anyone.

Most people don’t know want they want, they just look out for anything being churned out and jump on the train going to anywhere.

It’s very important to define your goals and know what you want. Once you do this, you’ll know exactly what information you need to consume to achieve it.

I’m not going to go into all the “goals setting” talk, because if nothing struck your head at the mention on “goals” – then you know what you should be worrying about.

2. A to B Learning

I started to study courses that relates to what I’m doing at the moment.

If the information isn’t going to move me from point A to B, then it’s not worthy of my time and money.

For example, I just started affiliate marketing and then I see a course that teaches how to sell affiliate offers using webinars – I halt like a soldier in hitler’s army.

You know why?

As a beginner, I’m yet to know the concept of creating a bridge page, a good offer, create landers and use autoresponders.

If I can’t create an irresistible offer, what the heck am I going to sell in the webinar???

That’s like moving from point A to G without having any idea how you got there.

But when you learn how to actually create an affiliate offer, and see a course that teaches you how to sell using webinars – then you can move to the next point using that information.

3. The 7 Days Deadline

Before I proceed to purchase or download any course, I use the 7 days deadline.

The 7 days deadline is just a deadline I give myself to apply any information I’m getting. If I’m damn sure I won’t be using this information within the next 7 days – I dish the Idea.

Yea, I know sometimes you can come across discount courses and “once in a lifetime” offers – but once you begin to apply this approach, you’ll be able to get access to only information you need.

Personally, anytime I get a course with plans to study it later – 80% of the time, I end up not doing anything with it.

I remember when chatbot was a rave 2 years ago, I just wanted to jump on it because everyone was using it and having crazy open rates.

I got a complete chatbot course, after then – it went on a very long and cozy sleep in my hard drive. 

Sometime last year, I actually wanted to setup a Facebook chatbot and then I remembered I bought a course on it 2 years ago – unfortunately, I couldn’t use it because a whole lot has changed since then.

I decided to get another chatbot training, and this time I was able to use it almost immediately because it was something I needed at that moment.

Although, I also tried to apply other techniques which helped me get out of the situation – the above listed were very effective for me.

You can try it too if you’re currently struggling. It’ll help you get more clarity and help you think straight while taking action and getting your desired results.