By Giovanna Silvestre

The demands of everyday life and business as usual can put a damper on our creativity and inspiration. Weather you are someone looking for your next brilliant idea or someone who needs to get excited about their business again the act of letting go just might get you where you want to be. Here are 3 ways I let go and received the inspiration I was looking for.

Find New Surroundings

As of lately, I’ve been feeling bogged down by the pressures of life and I’ve been having a hard time finding the inspiration for a new product. One of my fondest memories was when my parents took me to Monaco as a kid. I’ve always wanted to go back as an adult. I remember it being something out of a fairytale.

Our physical space has a huge impact on our thought patterns. Traveling always has a way of getting me to stay in the present moment. When we change our surroundings, we are forced to become aware of what’s around us instead of simply running on autopilot. I was also fortunate enough to be hosted by the stunning Columbus Hotel. Morning breakfast on my balcony overlooking the majestic Côte d’Azur zapped me into a present grateful mood.  Inspiration always comes to me when I’m feeling present and connected with life. Letting go of the day to day grind and walking around this magical little country got my creative juices flowing.

Dive Into History

On this trip, I made a promise to myself to not analyze nor obsess about my life. Instead, I decided to dive into the rich history of Monaco.  I’m someone who is obsessed with history and history is full of great ideas. Especially, ancient Monaco, which was home to the earliest civilizations. By understanding history we can understand the influence and inspiration that led to a great idea becoming a reality.  Looking at the creativity of brilliant minds from the past can help us find new ideas for the future.

Find Some Quiet Time

One afternoon I walked to the beach, sat on my towel, meditated for 20 minutes and fell into the most peaceful sleep listening to the sound of the sea.  I find it incredibly important to be alone with myself when I am trying to be more present and mindful. By concentrating on your breath and allowing yourself to just be, you might find that the inspiration you are looking for finds you instead of the other way around.

Don’t force it. If there isn’t flow, let it go.  Maybe all you need is a change of scenery and some quiet time to unleash your creative genius.


Giovanna Silvestre is the creator of the international yoga wear brand Confused Girl in the City and travel lifestyle influencer. Find me on Instagram @ConfusedGirlLA.