taxi bored

Don’t you feel like you have less time to do your chores as the days go by? We keep seeing ads about digital devices and software saving our time, but we always get the opposite.

We’re living in a world that seems to be in a constant rush. It is a ticket to an uncertain and unhappy future. Children are developing depression at a young age now.

It continues to last until they finish their education and get a job. They end up living a joyless life without even knowing they are depressed. They accept the reality as it is, not knowing there’s more to life than work and sleep.

If you feel like you’re rushing all the time and have no time for yourself, we’re sharing three tips to change this. The three situations below are almost a rule for everyone living in modern society.

Changing and making the most of them can add real value to your life and happiness. They will help you thrive. 

1. Social Media Before Going to Bed  

We are literally obsessed with social media. Over 3.6 billion people are using social media every day. Age is no longer an issue, there’s something for everyone.   

Seniors are now constantly on Facebook spending hours reading recipes about cakes, and kids as young as eight years old are on Tik Tok trying to nail the latest dance challenge. There’s something for everyone.   

Hundreds of social media platforms are popular among different types of groups regardless of their age, sex, nation, or whatever. You surely use one too. Just think of what platform you scroll through before going to bed. Think about how much time you’re wasting on it.  

According to stats, every person spends around three hours on average on social media. That’s three hours every day. That is almost one entire day wasted during the week.   

Do you know what the benefit of it is? Absolutely none! Experts in the field of psychology claim that social media work negatively for most of us. They lower our self-esteem and raise our expectations from others.  

If you manage to quit scrolling through social media before going to bed, this will also guarantee better sleep. Quality time spent sleeping means being fresh in the morning and capable of finishing your tasks.  

2. Driving to Work  

How much time you’re driving yourself to work? Is it 10 minutes? Maybe 20? Some people travel an hour to work and an hour back home after work.  

Let’s take the average. In the UK, the average time is around one hour per day. That means we’re wasting nearly a day of our lives every month doing absolutely nothing. Just looking out the window while riding the bus or drive our car.  

Instead, you can do something smart with this time. One hour a day is a lot of time to learn something new, improve your skills, go through the lectures if you’re a student, or check the documents that the boss asked if you’re working.  

A lot of people travel by taxi to work. Their companies provided a corporate taxi account, and they have nothing to worry about but not be late. These guys have the best time because they can lean on the back seat and enjoy the ride.  

They can listen to a podcast, see a video about learning a new skill or go through the work documents.   

Think about how many things you’d learn if you had the time. Improve your skills, build up your CV, or even become an expert in a completely different industry field. This is all possible if you change your ways.  

3. Arguing Over Politics  

Why you shouldn’t do this? Because it not just wastes your time at the moment, but it additionally deteriorates instead of solving the problem.  

The catch with arguing over politics with friends, colleagues, or family is that you’re only getting negative energy. You won’t change anyone’s mind. The person you’re arguing with will never stop to think about what you’re saying, just like you won’t after hearing their statements.  

What’s worst is that after the arguing is over, you don’t feel as calm and relaxed as you should feel after you talked to a friend, but you’re shaky and nervous.  

The worst kind of arguing over politics is on the internet. People there lose all control and type all kinds of insulting comments. Indulging in online arguing is wasting your time and worsens your mood.  

If you stop doing this, you can dedicate yourself to doing something inspiring, uplifting, and generally positive.  

Wrapping Up  

If it is possible, delete these three things from your life. Avoid getting into political arguments, leave all technology out of the bedroom, and spend your wasted time commuting to work doing something useful.