Saksham Agarwal

With the passing of the monstrosity of the year that was 2020, there has been an increase in the inclination in the current youth towards the path of entrepreneurial spirit.

And consequently, with more and more people coming out with their talents in the entrepreneurial field, it becomes highly important to know how to sustain oneself in the competition.

According to CA Saksham Agarwal, the MD of, it is important before starting out on new ventures to have a clear and concise goal in mind before one starts taking the associated risks.

In his own entrepreneurial journey in the finance field, Saksham has gathered much experience and has made a note of some key points that people often miss out on, when starting out on a new venture.

Here he shares a few of them.

Networking skills and building relations

In the initial years, says Saksham, I focused a large portion of my time resources on building quality networks and establishing relations with the people already efficient in the field. 

In fact, this is important for any startup or venture to have an active network of people who may have more experience in the field as one can learn much from their mistakes as well as their success tactics.

It was important for Saksham to have a pre established network of clients and colleagues before starting out on his digital venture.

It is in fact an important part of your venture to lay the foundation of your business by having a good network of people that you can rely and count on in time of a need.

Being resourceful and having the right skills

A very important skill for an entrepreneur starting out on a  business is resourcefulness.

Until and unless you lack an iron-clad knowledge regarding the different technologies and tools that go into your venture and how to apply them to your benefit, you can’t ensure a soft and efficient execution of services.

While it is true that learning and developing your skill set is an ongoing process and you learn a great deal at the time of the execution, but still having an adequate knowledge base will always help you in the long run.

Therefore, it is imperative to have a robust skill set related to your area of work before you set out to establish your own firm.

Having The Perfect Team Of Differently Skilled People

When you have a team of people that have more or less similar skill sets but are assigned to different aspects of the operation, there is bound to be conflict.

Although providing a work environment that is both comfortable and nourishing to the employees is a feat that is rarely achieved to perfection by any company. However, taking appropriate measures in the initial period of the business can help a lot in avoiding most of these conflicts.

It is important for the core team of any company to maintain a well balanced work execution system that ensures a fair and just distribution of responsibilities.