“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”—Oscar Wilde

We’re all in constant pursuit of our dreams to be able to live up to Wilde’s declaration. Do you ever feel like you’re putting in all your efforts and still meeting hard dead ends though? That’s life. And the journey isn’t as easy.

But here’s some good news: a change of habits and perspective can help you break away from the monotony of these disappointing no-show results!

How, you wonder? These three tweaks in your daily schedule can help propel you towards the realization of your most cherished dreams, so you can Make You Happen!

  1. Mindful Breathing


It’s something we literally do every living moment. If the fact that it forms the center of many practices like yoga and pranayama doesn’t validate its importance enough, then here’s some food for thought.

Why is it that even though everybody breathes, only some manifest? The difference lies solely in the way it is done.

Mindful Breathing: When life unfolds with each breath.

The act of inhaling and exhaling, however seemingly natural, has greater purpose in itself. As we consciously breathe in, we tap into our inner reserve of capabilities, thereby opening and forming a pathway to the universe from our consciousness.

Such conscious breathing helps us become self-aware. In that moment, we become one with each breath. One realizes an evolved relationship with the body, and the heightening of sensitivities, which subsequently result in becoming discerning to all that is happening in the environment. In that sense, mindful breathing brings together the tangible (our human selves), and the intangible and the imperceptible (the universe).

If the mind is astray, it helps bring back focus. If you feel defeated, it strengthens your will. Mindful breathing enables us to unify our mind to our consciousness, to re-assess and re-align ourselves to our goals. In that sense, each breath exhaled through its pathway casts an imprint of our intent on the Universe, bringing us closer to our manifestation. Sounds magical, doesn’t it?

This method of focused breathing goes on to make a big difference in the way we handle life as well. It helps uplift mood, regulate emotions and just generally makes us a lot more positive. And what better way to manifest than through a positive and undefeated state of life?

To Do: Use the power of mindful breathing to cleanse yourself each day. Take long, slow deep breaths. As you inhale, feel the air enter your lungs. Hold on for about ten seconds, and experience the negativity exit your body as you exhale. Strengthen your connection with the universe and multiply your power to manifest.

2. Break a Sweat!


Ever felt a surge of restlessness in your body? That moment when you’re bored out of your mind and decide to engage in the most mundane of activities, just because? Your body is a storehouse of abundant energy that is generally let out through daily activities. But when not channeled efficiently, you end up making lesser use of it, subsequently wasting it.

We all inherently possess a certain ‘raw animal energy’, and it can’t wait to be let out! Any physical activity — through exercise or sport — is a great way to channel this energy, aiding in the relief of stress.

Engaging in physical activity is also a great way of pushing our boundaries, making us aware of our own capabilities. The impact that this has is greater than one can perceive, with the change it can bring about in our attitude towards short-term achievements in the long-run journey of manifesting.

Breaking a sweat to effectively channelize the raw animal energy helps cleanse our body of all the toxins we’ve gathered as well. Moreover, we become beneficiaries of a healthier outlook and mindset — cultivated through exercise.

Are you usually begrudging the extra lap, or telling yourself, “Here’s one more, I can do it!”? During the act, you’ll find yourself challenging your limits, constantly having to encourage yourself to push harder. The discipline of our exercise routine trains our minds for daily life as well, and a clearer mind is able to deal with hurdles and obstructions far better than a befuddled one.

Lastly, the releases of endorphins through all that effort helps keep us positive. And the best way to manifest is through a positive mind.

To Do: Start small — skip the elevator and take the stairs, walk wherever you can, and gradually take out the time to jog, run, swim or even enroll yourself in a dance class!

3. Practice, practice, practice!


They don’t say practice makes perfect for nothing! Once you’ve selected a passionate goal, you’ll realize that you need to improve your skills towards it. This phase is the deal-breaker.

We need to be prepared. That ultimate moment of manifestation may elude us for many reasons, but the most common one is unpreparedness. Only when we are perfect at our skills can we afford to get onto the battleground to manifest.

Practice forms the longest part of our journey towards our goal. When it is turned into a form of meditation and done with mindfulness, then one will be able to focus on it in the now. The more time we spend practicing and preparing, the more we come to realize how we’ve ascended to levels of excellence previously unknown. Work on your skills with a conscious awareness till it becomes second nature.

When the time comes, if we have mastered our skills, we won’t be focusing on anything else but the task at hand, and it will happen in a manner most fluid. One will seamlessly tailor oneself to the immediate environment and align to the universe to manifest.

To Do: Once you are aware of your goal, enlist the required skills to practice and keep at it. Every. Single. Day! Mindful, conscious practice paves the path to a beautiful journey.

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