We’ve all been there at some point right.  Either in business or our social lives.

Nothing seems to be going right, and your confidence, (and subsequent ability to perform at your usually high level), crashes.

Thankfully there is a relatively easy fix:

1.Get to Know Your  Value Again

Write down a list of your skills and talents. Your toolkit if you like. List everything you can do however trivial and don’t discount those so-called “soft-skills”.

List everything you can do however trivial and don’t discount those so-called “soft-skills”.

Develop a list of things you might not be best at and consider whether you need to invest in time and resources to help you with these.

Now you’ve got a handy reminder of your value and what you need to improve.

2. Set Some Goals & Match Your Talents & Skills to These

Take a good look at where you really want to be in life and business.

Now match that previous list of skills and talents to the milestone tasks you need to get there.

Anything missing that you need?  Well, revisit step one and decide to invest of yourself to improve in these areas.

Got everything you need?  Brilliant, now just remember that you’ve got this. Keep that list of skills and accomplishments visible to boost your inner confidence.

3. Start Small & Fill The Battery

See those big goals in step 2?  You need to break these down to smaller milestones and tasks.

Why? Because, if your confidence has just taken a drop the last thing you need is to fail on a major milestone or task.  

You need to fill that battery up again.

Start with something small and easily achievable and build from there. Not only will you be moving towards your bigger goals but the attainment of these smaller tasks will help you build your confidence.

Oh, and keep a journal of these successes. Seeing the progress you’ve made will boost your confidence even more.

That’s it.  It really is that simple.

There are of course other ways using anchors and triggers but this method is the simplest to do on your own.

Let me know how you get on or if you’ve found other great ways to boost your own confidence. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Article originally published on LinkedIn and quoted by the BBC HERE