Escape rooms are a fun and creative way to develop techniques for handling stress in our lives. There are many benefits, from teambuilding to developing patience under pressure. Beyond just a fad, escape rooms have become a part of the entertainment and team bonding culture all over the world. What is often overlooked, is the the potential for personal growth that can occur throughout the course of the puzzle experience.

While working through an escape room, players face many challenges under the pressure of the clock. This can become a stressful situation quickly and can result in players confronting or rushing one another. But the most successful teams are the ones that bring a calm face to the pressure and work together using effective communication. Reason, a high tech escape room in San Francisco explains,  “When you break down the problems that need solving and take a methodical approach, things become less stressful and the entire situation is conducive to a calm, not chaotic, environment.”  An escape room can act as a microcosm for daily life in many ways. Just because you are solving one problem does not mean a million others won’t try to grab your attention. You need to prioritize and work on problems you face in a modular fashion, minding the deadlines of each and completing tasks respectively.

Escape rooms also teach the value of trusting teammates and thus being able to delegate information. If you entered an escape room and tried to solve every single puzzle, you’d have a very difficult time. You wouldn’t finish the many puzzles in the room or escape in time by yourself. If everyone in the room tries to re-solve already solved puzzles, there would simple be not enough time for the rest and a near guarantee of no one escaping. Furthermore, the entire situation would be very isolating and stressful. A much better approach is to work together, trusting your teammates’ skills and motivations. You are all highly qualified and all want to escape the room, so why not share discovered information in the pursuit of achieving a common goal? This collaborative energy can relieve stress not only because each individual will have less to do but also because the established sense of comrade can lift spirits and create a sense of unity among team members. The same holds in the modern workplace, as teams work together to solve puzzles and finish projects.

Finally, escape rooms themselves can be a stress reliever by being a source of fun and enjoyment! You can use your mind while still having fun; a clever and entertaining escape from the realities of life. Escape rooms are unique in that they force you to solve puzzles and complete challenges but also offer a chance to take a break from the puzzles in your own life. This mental reset is a vital part of maintaining a low-stress life. It is important to balance work and play; escape rooms are a unique place where both work and play can come together to create a unique and engaging experience.