Great work only ever comes from inspiration.

Or does it? 

There’s a famous quote that goes ‘’Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work.’’ 

Could it be possible that inspiration is overrated? It certainly doesn’t seem that way when work piles up. We struggle to come up with something new to say when we’re looking for new content ideas and ways to become more productive. 

So much rides on us getting the job done on time. It’s almost impossible to evade being stressed out when we can’t create new ideas. So, what should we do in the moments when we don’t feel inspired by anything at all? Let’s find out!

Let periods of low motivation pass

Humans experience a variety of feelings. Times when you lack motivation or inspiration are perfectly normal. And I don’t recommend that you try to resist or change such feelings. It’s unreasonable to expect ourselves to feel positive and inspired all the time.

Trying to be creative all the time is too much responsibility to put on our psyche. 

We need to accept that we aren’t always going to be inspired. Sometimes, we just need to do our best and get things done. 

Don’t wait for inspiration to strike

We don’t have to be inspired to work, exercise, study, or create art. A huge part of getting a job done well is just showing up for it.

In fact, hard work comes before inspiration. People mistakenly believe that geniuses like Beethoven, Einstein, and others created their best work only when inspired. But the truth is they were the most hardworking people in their area of expertise. 

Mozart trained in music since he was a toddler and Pablo Picasso virtually mastered classical art forms by the time he was 11!

Writers like Steve Pressfield and Mark Levy testify that inspiration comes after bouts of hard work. It’s not the other way around. 

Your job is to work, practice, do online courses, and just work. Inspiration will strike when it wants to. 

Think of surfing. You need to practice hard and master balancing. So that when the wave does come, all you have to do is ride it. 

You’re overworked

Lack of inspiration might signal that you need to take a break. Too much work leads to burnout. Instead of tediously trying to create something, sometimes what we need to do is take some time off.

The key is to be realistic and rational about what’s possible. William Arthur Ward said, “The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.”

What if you just need to adjust your sails? Try taking a break and staying at home. Or go and have a small outing with friends. Small actions like these will help you realign yourself and feel more inspired. 


Are you a writer running out of content to write? An entrepreneur who can’t come up with new marketing and advertising ideas for the business? A student stuck with a college essay? It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when we find ourselves uninspired.

But with the tips mentioned here, you’ll find ways to recover not only your ability to create amazing things but also a broader understanding that helps you through times of low motivation

With the tips mentioned here, you’ll learn to go with the flow. It’ll become easier for you to tap into inspiration over time. And you’ll become more resilient as a writer, creator, and artist.