We’ve all been there, right? You’re trying and trying and pushing and pushing and it’s just not working. Maybe you’re trying to increase your sales at work, or there’s a staff member that just won’t listen or heck, you just want to find a partner and relax for once! It’s like running up a never ending hill, being pelted by snowballs and you keep tripping over… it’s hard.

The funny thing is though, it’s hard if we make it hard. It’s easy if we make it easy. Now I’m not saying the thing you’re trying to achieve is easy, it might be influenced by other people or there are external forces controlling the outcome, but our perception of it makes it what it is.

Are we pushing because we expect the goal to be achieved by a certain time? Are we pushing because we’re conditioned by social norms to be doing something that is expected of us? Are we pushing because we feel there is a lack if we don’t achieve the thing we want to achieve? What is the reason we feel like giving up?!

There are so many reasons that factor into what is stressing us out when we want something so badly and want to give up, and it’s just not working. I want you to think of this, maybe it’s just not working yet.

Just because we don’t achieve something in the next hour, or next day, doesn’t mean it’s not working at all.

Maybe it’s just not in the forced time-frame we’ve given ourselves. Maybe it’s just our perception of what the process should be, by what we’ve learnt from our experiences, from what other people have done in the past (and how they may be displaying their seeming perfection to the world…), or maybe we really just need to try something new!

So when the world gets tough, nothing seems to be working and you really feeling like giving up, remember these 3 things.

    You are doing the best you can, with the resources you have right in this
    moment. You can only do so much with the knowledge you have in your
    beautiful brain right now, and each and every day is a lesson for you to
    move forward with. Go back and remember all the fantastic things you’ve
    achieved. This can be just today, or the last year, or since you can
    remember. You’ve already done so much with your amazing life, and there’s
    so much more to come, just be patient and savour the moment you’re in
    right now.
    PACK IT IN. Is it what I said before about the expectation you’ve put on
    yourself? Is it the time-frame you’ve made up that you’re expected to
    achieve it in? Is it the expectation you have of other people, their
    values and what society is encouraging you to do?
    ON GOING. It’s really not the end of the world if you have to change your
    tactic a little, and I would say don’t abandon everything you’ve been
    doing, but maybe try something a little different instead. Sometimes it
    takes a while to reap the benefits of your efforts, but if you feel as
    though you’re not moving anywhere, try doing something extra. And finally,
    try to enjoy what it is you’re doing, because when you do reach that goal,
    you’ll know you had a bloody good time getting there.

Please also remind yourself of this, we’re just tiny little blobs on a weird little planet so try and make your time on this world as enjoyable as possible, because when you get to a ripe old age and you look back on your life, you’re going to remember the laughs you had, the friendships you made, the impact you had on people and not on what went wrong last week.

I help women understand what is stressing them out, and provide heart-centered, actionable guidance and support to help them reach a better work/life balance and embrace life like it’s the best thing ever. Drop me a comment or message if you’d like to know more about working with me.