Cold outreach campaigns are only as effective as you make them.

They require constant monitoring, A/B testing, tweaking and brainstorming to run at a high level.

To make sure your outreach campaigns are effectively generating leads for your business, there are a few things to keep a close eye on as the campaigns run.

First, the subject line for email and connection request message for LinkedIn are extremely important.

It doesn’t matter if you have the most enticing offer on planet earth if no one sees it.

Subject lines and connection requests are basically gatekeepers to your prospects, so it’s key you continually test and tweak these.

We shoot for a 60-70% open rate on emails and a 30% acceptance rate on LinkedIn.

Here are a few subject lines that have worked well for us:

{{first name}}
question for {{first name}}
Short and sweet works best.

As for LinkedIn connection messages, keep them unique and upbeat. The traditional “I’d love to add you to my network” is played out!

Next, we look at our offer copy.

Now that we have a good number of prospects opening our emails and accepting our invitations, it’s all on the offer.

We keep our scripts very conversational, and we frame our offer in the form of a question.

Keep in mind, your offer needs to appeal to your prospects and not to you. They don’t care about your experience or success, they care about what you can do for them.

If we don’t see around a 10% reply rate and a 3-4% call booked rate, the offer needs work.

Testing variations of your offer question will reap huge benefits.

We offer lead gen, so our offer question is something along the lines of, “Would you be interested in having us get you sales calls with your ideal prospects on a Pay-Per-Call basis?”

Last, look at your follow up messages.

Even if a prospect is a perfect fit for your offer and your offer question is dialed in, there’s still a chance they aren’t responsive to the initial message.

This is why the money is in the follow-ups.

For the initial follow-up, we like to send case studies, informational resources, and testimonials. A/B testing these resources will lead to a huge boost in responses.

After the initial follow-up, we send prospects more direct questions to try and spark some interest before cutting the sequence.

We use phrases like, “You wouldn’t be interested in XYZ, would you” or “Would it be a terrible idea to hop on a call to discuss XYZ?”

These have worked surprisingly well since we started testing them.

Start testing your subject lines, offer questions, and follow-ups, and you will start to see more responsiveness in your cold outreach.

If you’re interested in learning more about Omnichannel Cold Outreach and how we can help you on a Pay-Per-Call basis, feel free to visit our website:


  • Christian Bonnier

    Thrive Global Campus Editor-at-Large from SUNY Binghamton

    I am a freshman at Binghamton University studying Accounting in the School of Management. I also co-host the Real Talk University Podcast where my friend Andre and I interview entrepreneurs to provide insight and advice to our college-aged target audience.