When you’re looking to tap into your intuition, it’s important to remember that this is just as much a “muscle” as it is a spiritual practice. The more you learn to move in faith and inspiration, the more you’ll be able to create small miracles in your life.

We shape our own worlds based on our thoughts, feelings and actions. If you’d like to gain some semblance of control, while also learning to use your intuition as a tool, read on and consider these tips.

#1: Meditate on a Frequent Basis

First things first, meditation needs to become a daily practice if you want to not only hear, but trust your intuition.

Quieting your mind through meditation also teaches you how to discern between the random chaos of your thinking mind, and the poignant truth of your real inner voice. Meditating helps you to realize that you aren’t your thoughts, but your thoughts are things that come and go.

Once you’re able to quiet these waters, it becomes easier to beat self-sabotage and anxiety, and move in true inspiration and intuition.

You can treat your meditation pillow like going to the gym — rather than trying to become a superhero overnight, get .001% better at it everyday, and watch the gains take care of themselves. Not only will your mind be sharper thanks to frequent meditation, but you’ll also lead a heart-driven life, which unlocks your true potential and lets you speak and act with conviction.

#2: Start Keeping a Journal

Your journal will become your best friend when you write in it regularly.

The simple act of taking your thoughts from your head and transferring them onto the page allows you to really tap into your truest potential and wade through the noise. In many cases, we get stuck because we haven’t unearthed the thought or feeling keeping us from moving forward.

When you write in your journal every morning or night, you’ll go about your day with a clear head, knowing you worked everything out in your journal. This way, you’ll be open to insights from your higher self that won’t get cluttered in the mix of mental chatter and stressors getting you down.

#3: Live Your Purpose and Move in Faith

The act of faith isn’t exclusive to any specific religious practice — it simply means moving forward in your authenticity and purpose despite fear or uncertainty.

When you let your purpose be bigger than your fear, you’ll always come out on the other end of things OK no matter what. By centering your life around this act, you keep the pipeline of inspiration and intuition open, since you’re acting unselfishly rather than getting caught up on ego gratification.

By following these tips, you’ll stay centered to your intuition so that it serves you in your life.