Some people are born with an undeniable sixth sense. A guiding light, or northern star that they cannot seem to ignore. More often than not, people with a well defined entrepreneurial spirit are misunderstood; People doubt their drive and determination – even though doubt is turned into fuel by this particular kind of people – and eventually, it becomes a matter of tenacity. As the odds continue to get stacked against hopeful and devoted entrepreneurs, natural selection prevails.

For one young and accomplished Texas born entrepreneur every experience seems to provide a concrete lesson that can, and should be share with younger generations of hopeful independent businesspeople.

Zack Dykes is a fun loving person, as his friends and neighbors could easily confirm, but he´s also a relentless and unmistakably effective advocate for his clients. Since he joined the leading international boutique strategy and creative agency TEA Worldwide (The Eclectic Agency) – a company that has cemented a stellar track record under Chief Executive AleshAncira´s leadership – as part of the executive team, holding the title of regional commercial manager for a firm that currently represents A-list celebrities like award winning performer turned philanthropist Akon, and marquee brands like Hard Rock Hotels or financial think tanks like Founders Investment Society.

Zack is a humble person, but his track record speaks for itself. He has enjoyed great success throughout every venture he has taken on. As a teenager in a small southern town, he managed to grow a one-person business into a household name, by focusing on providing superior customer service.

But Mr. Dykes was not about to settle, his goals were bigger. And by honoring the upbringing that his mother and grandmother provided he continued demanding the very best of himself. Needless to say, the up and coming business power player has figured out a winning formula.

Zack Dykes granted us an exclusive interview and shared three game-changing tips for entrepreneurial success during volatile times:

“The way I see it; you have to stay one step ahead of your competition. If you can consistently deliver value to your clients, you can´t go wrong” –Mr. Dykes affirms.

1.) – Self-Awareness: A lot of entrepreneurs have trouble knowing what their strengths and weaknesses are. I’ve learned to double-down on what you’re best at and outsource for what you’re not. There is so much to know in business and not enough time to perfect every aspect. 

2.) Don’t stress on being perfect- You have to go after your dreams head on and not worry about being perfect. You are going to make mistakes, but make sure they are learning opportunities, too. I’ve learned more from my fails than I have planning and research. We spend so much time trying to make sure ideas are perfect right off the bat, when that time could be used to execute the idea. You are going to fall, so fall forward and don’t be afraid to lose. Some people are afraid to attempt their dreams… but be numb to failing. That gives you advantage because your fear is eliminated to go try something new. 

3.)  Do work you care about- As a young Entrepreneur, when a began my process to start a business plan, my first thought was “what can make me the most money?” For years, I found myself coming up with failing ideas or just starting something without finishing it, with that mindset. I wasn’t passionate about any of my “money” ideas. I had no heart behind what I was doing professionally. What changed it all is when I began thinking with my heart about business plans based around things I cared about. Instead of asking myself ‘how can make the most money?’, I began asking, “what can I do to help people and make a positive impact on their life?” Doing what you are passionate about will bring out your true God given talent.