This past year has been hard on many, but for the young adults of today’s society, it’s been a rollercoaster. Transitioning to the virtual school is something that no one really prepares them for. It’s a journey that really challenges them and their mental health. I remember when I was a teenager, it was a time that seems like a lifetime ago yet so close to my heart. From the days that felt like they would never end, to the prom dances and Friday night football games and trying to make anything happen. 

Those days live with you forever and I have so much empathy for teenagers today. Imagine being a normal teenager, yet add in trying to manage it all from home. In your parents office, your bedroom or living room. For them, having to excel in this unique situation is hard both on the mental health aspect as well as their confidence. So much of being a teenager, is going to those dances, parties and getting to know yourself. It’s those life moments that shape you and who you become. Below I listed three tips for any teenager who is navigating the transition back to in person school. 

1.) Be kind to yourself 

At the end of the day, you are a human being going through an incredibly challenging time. 

Please stop and remember that you are allowed to feel how you want to feel. As my mom said to me growing up, “Whichever way you want to feel today is the right way”. 

2.) Feel your feelings 

I think in life we often go through hardships without telling others how we feel. We can bottle it up, express it in unhealthy ways or carry it in other areas of our lives. Whether it’s journaling, therapy, exercising, doing breath work or getting into nature…. you can choose a healthy outlet! 

3.) Stay in the present moment 

Activities such as scrolling on social media, staying up late, not taking care of yourself can all cause memory delay and brain fog. It’s important to remember that you come first, by staying in the present moment you can take your power back and feel less anxious. 

I hope you all enjoy and I’m wishing everyone a healthy, happy & positive 2021!