In our Social Media world of comparing and contrasting, it can be challenging to navigate. It has tested my ego on several occasions and it’s given me the opportunity to reflect.

I often wish that I had more followers or wish for things to be easier. Then I remember that others have it worse off. When I approach brands about partnerships, the first thing that generally gets asked is, “How many followers do you have?”

In this over saturated world where we are constantly being bombarded by messages, it’s easy to get lost in the mix of things. Instead of thinking, I don’t have enough followers, I need to keep switching the tone to ‘Who’s life am I going to impact?” Does what I say make a difference to people? And if my message reaches just 1 person and it makes a difference in his/her life, that is enough.

Stepping back and and asking myself, “what is the goal of my activity?” can be challenging. I’ll admit, I struggle with it too, though I know that I’m learning along the way. Through the frustrations, here are some tips that I’ve learned to keep you going through challenging times.

  1. Phone a friend. I needed to use this tool this week when I received some unfavourable news. It was challenging to get myself to ask, though the response that came back was kind and supportive. Thank you to the person on the other end for just being there for me.
  2. Ask yourself what you need. I went for a walk in the sunshine after being so tired of being in front of the computer. I took in some fresh air, got out of my head and felt better for changing my environment.
  3. Share — Sharing my challenges with someone and listening to what they were going through actually made me feel better in knowing that I am not alone.

How do you focus on what matters in your life? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

Thank you, as always, for reading!


  • Carolyn Lowe

    Brand Marketer | Storyteller | Connector

    Carolyn Consulting

    Carolyn is passionate about all things related to health and wellness.  She is a proactive and results driven leader with a track record of integrating authentic, cross-platform marketing experiences for startups, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), and global enterprises. Carolyn is also a Career/Mindset coach specializing in NLP.  She helps clients remove the charge on limiting emotions and beliefs to create new possibilities. With her experience in advertising and tech, she can relate and empathize with her clients' challenges to find empowering solutions. Carolyn writes about leadership, women in tech and health/wellness.