If you are thinking that being micromanaged (aka nagged) is not good for your health, you would be right. Whether it’s work or home, if it’s bad enough, one natural response could be to look for the door. And that is actually happening for a lot of people right now. But then maybe you are thinking that’s a bit extreme, or that now might not be the best time for that kind of pivot in your life. So what else can you do?

3 Tips to Ease the Stress

  1. Perspective Shift

In most cases, your boss or family member is not the big bad wolf trying to wreck your life. More likely, we are all peas in a pretty crazy pod right now trying to get through these days in the best ways we know how. In other words, the one who is all over you might be feeling anxious and insecure and there are better and worse ways to be dealing with that. 

One wise mentor taught me a long time ago that we have to take care of the people we count on to take care of us. Obviously, the more we resist, the more anxious and insecure the one who nags could become. Keep on doin’ what we’re doin’ keep on getting what we get. More nagging. So you may want lean in instead, take one for the team, just do what’s being asked, and see how that works out. Now you may be thinking but I just can’t do it all, even if I wanted to, which I don’t. I just can’t. 

2. Power No

Then it might be time for a chat. A Power No actually starts the conversation with a Power Yes, something along the lines of “The Sandwich Technique” you may have heard of. The reason for this is that, if you start out in the negative, the nagger will likely feel threatened or attacked, may go into fight or flight and be much less receptive to whatever it is you have to say. So start sandwiching with something you appreciate at the start, then make your request, then finish with something positive at the end. And, notice I said request not complaint. Yes, turn your complaint into a request. People respond much better to requests than to complaints.

3.  30 Second Mindset Reset Tool

Whatever we do, whatever approach we take, whatever decisions we make to deal with difficult situations wherever they are—we want the higher responsive rather than lower reactive brain in charge. The quickest, most effective way to kick the issue out of the emotional brain, upstairs to executive brain, is with the “Power Breathing” exercise I talk about so much. It literally takes 30 seconds, can be done by anyone, anywhere, anytime. 

As always, feel free to grab the instruction sheet in the “Complimentary…” pulldown at https://madelaineweiss.com and let us know what you find.

Warm wishes,