After spending time with a large group of people, do you feel groggy? If it was a large amount of people, or a long period of time (company conference anybody?) perhaps you feel shattered the next day too.

Man suffering with hangover
Do you get the introvert’s hangover?

If you get that lethargic, drained, foggy feeling perhaps you have an introvert hangover! It can be like the alcoholic one, but without the pleasurable drinking!

Firstly, don’t worry as you’re not alone. Many introverts feel the same way and the longer the exposure to the cause, the worse you’ll feel. Recognizing and not worrying about it is the first step to curing it.

What causes the introvert hangover?

Introverts will typically feel drained by social interaction. Studies have shown that introverts are more sensitive to dopamine than extraverts. Dopamine (sometimes called the feel good hormone) is something our bodies produce when stimulated. If you’re more sensitive to it, you’re likely to feel more tired, more quickly.

If you’re drained enough, you’ll feel rubbish the next day.

Curing the introvert hangover

Acknowledge you could get the hangover is the beginning of curing it. Plan ahead! If you know you’ll be at a conference, or with many people, book yourself a day off the next day. If you can’t do that, arrange a light day or a late start.

In the time you’ve given yourself do something relaxing that helps recovery and wipes your mind of the hangover! What is meaningful, and relaxing for you, that also stops you thinking about anything (I’ll often just potter around the house, tidy the garden and walk in the forest).

You may want to spend time alone, possibly without your partner!

Other things could be a long bath, hiding under the duvet, Netflix box sets, a run; what works for you?

Don’t think about clearing your mind and don’t worry about the fact that you’re tired,  these make it harder to recover!

Prevention is better than cure?

Best possible start: If you’re good at planning and can you take recovery time beforehand as well? Can you lighten the diary before going to the conference? That way you’re as fresh as possible on arrival.

Minimise the impact : While you’re at the event, how can you minimise the build up of the problem?  Take small breaks during the event, escape from everybody (walk, hide in your room, sit quietly somewhere, even sit in the toilet for a few minutes – although walking maybe the healthiest of these). Use those few minutes to relax, not think. Enjoy the quiet, perhaps meditate if that’s your thing (5 minutes can work wonders). Biggest tip of all here, nobody else will notice! One of the biggest fears preventing people from taking these short breaks is that they’ll be missed; the biggest lesson when people take these breaks – they weren’t missed! The second biggest realization is that other people are doing the same thing!

Do you get the introvert hangover, and how do you cure it?