It is nice to be known for something and stand out from the crowd. As long as it is for a good thing! 

As for me, so far, so good since I regularly get requests to comment on topics related to networking, connecting, and career. Most recently, Morey Stettner, a reporter with Investor’s Business Daily was writing for IBD’s “Leaders & Success” page. The topic? How to stand out from the crowd (in a good way). 

I, of course, had a lot to say. He and I talked beyond the quick chat we had set up. I know – not surprising! Not all the ideas we discussed made it in the article. For example, he didn’t include my fun trick of wearing your name tag upside down. Why? It makes you approachable as someone can immediately tell you something that they think you will want to know. 

Not everyone likes to stand out, but you still want to make the most of these less frequent in person opportunities. Whether you are energized by these events or overwhelmed by crowd, here are 3 ideas you can try this holiday season.

1. Be Positive

I can’t say this enough! 

Beforehand, set intentions that you’re going to connect with at least one person. If you are in the space, connections will be made. By just showing up you’re making an impression that you care about this event. 

Be open to others approaching you. I like having a few fun questions to ask to get the conversation going. Holiday plans, their next vacation, what they are giving themselves this holiday season are all topics that can lead to engaging conversation.  

2. Have a Host Mindset

Don’t think of yourself as a guest, arrive early and act as someone that’s a part of the event. Scout your surroundings. Locate the hors d’oeuvre table, restrooms, bar, and booths or whatever is applicable for the space. You can plant yourself near the entrance and if anyone needs directions, you are there to help. Being a first point of contact also makes you someone easy to have a chat with. Helper and host makes a perfect icebreaker!

3. Dress Boldly

This one may not be for everyone and plays off the upside-down nametag. A bold color, fun tie, or a cool accessory are all things that enable someone else to approach you with something to comment on. It also makes you memorable as the person with the snoopy tie or pink hat. 

Breaking the ice can be a little awkward for anyone. By shifting your mindset to a positive place with an intention to help, and something easy to comment on, you are sure to stand out.

What works for you? Send me your favorite tips and tricks. You can read the full article here. Maybe there are a few other ideas that you want to test out! Let me know what you tried and how it worked for you.