For many businesses, communication is the key to a successful future at every level of a company’s enterprise. Without good communication, for example, management cannot properly inspire employees to complete their tasks; company marketing will not reach its audience; and company leadership will not understand its own policy. Here are just three types of communication that are essential for a business to succeed, and why they matter in 2019.

  1. Customer Communication

In order to successfully sell a product or service, a business must clearly communicate the benefits of such products or services to its customer base. Even the most successful companies in the world sometimes struggle with this principle; Apple Computers made a misstep when it introduced the “Newton” handheld device in the early 1990s, for example, by failing to communicate the product’s benefits to consumers. Seen the through the lens of successful handheld Apple products such as the iPhone and the iPad, it is now clear that the Newton was actually well ahead of its time, but Apple users in 1993 had no idea what to make of a scaled-down computer, and the product failed to gain an audience.

  1. Employee Communication

A company without inspired employees is a lot like a sports team without inspired players; if it is anything, business is a competition, and when a team of employees isn’t performing, a company will quickly be outpaced by its competitors. In order to be good communicators, management teams must be good listeners: Employees often have a first-hand grasp of company problems, and a manager who doesn’t listen to employee concerns will often end up rueing the day they failed to repair a company stumbling block before it tripped up the entire business. By becoming good listeners, managers can help a company truly reach its potential!

  1. Self Communication

To be a good leader, it is vital to be in touch with oneself and one’s needs. When leaders are themselves unclear about the direction they want a company to move in, a business very quickly becomes like a ship without a captain. A sense of direction is of the utmost importance in the business world, and that sense of direction must first come from within before it is turned into reality.

For these reasons, finding the right means of communication in the business world is among the most important aspects of running a successful company. Without communication, it is easy for a business to lose vital momentum, and without momentum, no business can truly succeed for very long. Fortunately, good communication is a skill that can be learned and developed, and every company can make good communication skills a priority with time. And that is business done right!