I have never met a human being who hasn’t at some time in their life wanted to improve themselves.

Sure, people did get themselves tied up and caught up in ruts. But deep down, there seems to be an inbuilt mechanism that rises up within each human being, which desires more quality out of life at some point in their life.

Now I know from personal experience that there are times when we all feel as though the mountain we are facing is too high and the valley too deep and that there is seemingly no way out of a predicament that has hemmed us in on every side.

Here are the three essential ingredients for improving the quality of your life.


The more successful I become, the harder I work. I work while others sleep, and I play while others work. I am not ruled by the clock. I am guided by the project and am inspired by the goal.

Money is not the driving force. It is the game. It is the obstacle overtaken. It is the insurmountable conquered.

I sprinkle everything I do with a spirit of excellence.

I under-promise and over-deliver.

I conduct my research. I seek out wisdom and understanding.

I study.

My mind is the place where the majority of my effort is expended. I think hard. As a direct result of that hard thinking, I increase my productivity and expand my influence.

I use the power of leverage to achieve more in less time.

I ask lots of questions. I actually spend more time seeking out the best question before I ever allow them to leave my lips. I do this because better questions give me better answers, and those excellent answers then lead me to a better life.

I journal. This is where I expend a lot of effort. This is the place where ideas are formulated, goals are set, businesses constructed, articles defined, and clarity released.


I must admit that I wanted to achieve all my life goals before the age of thirty. Little did I realize that life goals are life goals, and now that I am much older, there is still time to achieve some magnificent things in my lifetime, however long that will be.

Time is precious, and I must use every second to its greatest advantage. But I have also learned that I can multiply the effectiveness of my time by being smarter in its use.

As a businessman, I have learned to delegate. I have businesses and processes that allow me to profit from the efforts of others. I use technology to allow me to reach a much wider audience than I could have ever imagined, and a billing software for medical shop, which also allows me to complete complex activities in a shorter time frame.

I approach every working day with a list of the six things that I need to complete each day. Every day starts with a fresh list.

I rise early. I go to bed early. I incorporate rest and recreation as a vital part of my life. I surround myself with mentors. I keep the company of people younger than myself.

I’m always learning and constantly have the mindset of a student of success. This is how I use my time.



That’s what it takes to improve your quality of life.

I invest in my education.

I invest in my businesses.

I invest in others.

The more I invest, the more I receive in return.

It adds to the quality of my relationships, the quality of the love that is experienced in my life, the quality of the people who surround me, and the quality and the number of opportunities that cross my path.

The more I give, the more I receive.

This is a law. It is the law of sowing and reaping.

The more money I give, the more money I make.

The more time I invest in others, the more time I seem to have to invest in my own personal projects.

I often hear from people, though, who seem to always complain that they don’t have enough money.

They need to change their language.

I have learned the secret to a constant supply of money.

Just keep thinking prosperity. Just keep talking prosperity, and just keep giving.

A portion of everything I earn I give to others.

I give of my time, which is representative of my net worth because time is money.

Money hasn’t been given to me to store up like a dam. It has been given to me to be a conduit.

This is yet another step towards improving the quality of your life.

So take the time, make an effort, and invest the money – for this is how you will begin to improve the quality of your life.