As a software product developer and a leader in my own business, I know that the job of being a leader is a mentally challenging one. 

You essentially have to be a one-person show and wear multiple hats to manage customer support, development, marketing, and more. 

I’ve relied on jogging as a form of exercise and meditation to help me stay healthy and support my family and business. 

Journaling is another way that any person in a leadership role can boost mental resilience. 

I’d like to share some practical tips around journaling that will help you evolve as a leader. Let’s dive in!

Journaling supports personal knowledge management

We often consume vast tracts of information but rarely tap into it when we need it. Part of the reason is that it’s not possible to recall everything we learn. This is where personal knowledge management comes in. 

It’s a system that helps you organize your thought processes and the knowledge you gain.

When you journal, you record your thoughts and take notes of the things that you’ve learned. Later, when you go over what you’ve written, you’ll pick up what you’ve learned before and can consolidate your knowledge better. 

This is a powerful way to make use of what you learn. So, the next time you do an online course, read a book, or attend a webinar, before sure to jot down what you picked up. 

Your journal can act as your personal knowledge management tool and effectively create a ‘second brain’ that you can tap into.  

Get new lessons from prior experiences

One of my business partners improved his golf scores by journaling. It was during his third attempt at journaling about his golfing when he noticed he was coming out of his tee shots early and lost many of his shots to the right of the fairway. 

This insight was possible because he journaled about it. As a result, he was able to improve his golfing to a large degree. 

You can apply this effect to virtually every other aspect of your business and personal life. 

Whether you’re having trouble coming up with new ideas or figuring out how to connect with your family better,  journaling about it will lead to better insights.

You’ll uncover patterns and information that were hidden in plain sight. 

Boost your creativity

Journaling is associated with enhanced creativity. I think that one of the reasons why this is the case is because your brain is strong-armed into coming up with insights as you keep journaling. 

Julia Cameron, a prolific writer and teacher, has transformed the lives of millions of people by helping them uncover their creativity with journaling

She recommends that you fill three pages of your journal with your thoughts as soon as you wake up in the morning. 

This activity has helped many people find unique solutions to difficult problems and express themselves with words.

You can use journaling to grow your own business in interesting ways. Try freewriting to come up with a brand name or a product idea. Write about creative marketing techniques you saw in your daily routine.

As you keep writing, you’ll get insights that can transform your problem-solving skills.

Become a better leader with a daily journaling practice

It’s important to carry out your journaling practice for a few weeks to feel its results.

You can motivate yourself to journal regularly by making the habit as easy as possible to carry out. 

Use a note-taking app on your phone. Or keep a beautiful journal by your bedside to remind you to write in it. 

When writing, do as little as writing a single line. Focus on taking small steps and in a very short time, you’ll find yourself drawn to write down your thoughts and feelings.

The benefits of journaling are especially useful to a person in a leadership role. You’ll get insights, beat stress, and find creative ways to help your customers.