Grounding therapy is also known as earthing; it essentially means maintaining a connection to the earth to experience healing and wellness. 

In grounding therapy, you attempt to create ‘electrically conductive’ contact with the earth by walking barefoot on the ground. There are other ways to earth or ground yourself as well. You may wear soft-soled shoes made out of natural material that conducts the earth’s electricity to your body. Some shoes contain copper plates to pass the charges of the earth to you. There are also grounding mats and earthing accessories that help you neutralize the excess of positive charges in the body.

There are peer-reviewed studies that  have examined the effect of grounding therapy on many issues. It has been found that earthing can

  • Relieve chronic pain and fatigue
  • Speed up the healing of wounds
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve your sleep
  • Boost your mental wellness

It sounds promising doesn’t it? What’s more, it’s something that everyone can do. Here are several ways grounding therapy improves your wellness. 

Feel a Connection with Nature

When you ground yourself by walking on the sand by the beach, on grass in a park, or just on any patch of earth nearby, you essentially feel connected to nature. 

Being outdoors boosts your mind and feeling different textures and sensations underfoot can help you be more present. The experience of such physical sensations can help you stay rooted in the moment. You’ll spend less time thinking about unhelpful problems and more time simply focusing on the now. 

Grounding Improves Sleep 

Having deep and restful sleep is essential to have energy during the work day and to be mentally alert. For those who struggle with sleeping, grounding therapy can offer respite.

Try sleeping on a grounding mat or mattress that will help you connect to the earth’s charge. One study found that sleeping on a grounding mat led to reduced cortisol levels which makes for better sleep. 

If you’re looking for a short burst of energy or just want to feel refreshed, consider stretching out on a sheet made with cotton or other conductive material when at the beach or in a grassy park. The sounds of nature, the open air, and the effect of grounding will all help you feel restful and energized. 

Improve Your Energy Levels 

The next time you do Yoga, take a walk, or exercise, try to do it on a grounding mat. It’s even better if you can practice it on grass or directly on the earth. 

Practicing Yoga, meditation, or some kind of mild physical activity directly in contact with the earth improves the effect of your practice. Compare doing Yoga or simply sitting on the ground outdoors with doing the same thing on concrete. You’ll see a strong difference in energy levels and in your mental clarity. 

Another way to practice grounding is to swim or float in natural bodies of water. You can also write or journal while grounding yourself which will help you feel physically rested and mentally clear.


Grounding is based on the idea that the earth’s surface provides limitless and renewable electrons. Absorbing the free flow of electrons into the body through direct contact with the earth will likely neutralize Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). A build up of ROS in cells can cause damage to our RNA, DNA, and protein cells. 

Earthing neutralizes these free radicals and balances the body leading to a reduction in ailments such as inflammation, fatigue, and more. 

Human beings are sensitive to the environment and need to stay outdoors to renew their mental wellness. It’s a good idea to take the time to deliberately practice grounding every week to reduce the excess of positive charges in your body. You’ll be surprised by the benefits and will be better placed to experience long-term wellness.