Gratitude is all about choosing a different approach of health to our lives. Expressing gratitude means increasing our quality of life, our level of patience, and helps us reclaim our why. Here’s how!

1.Changes the Overall Quality of Life

Sure, there are days when you may feel your weakest emotionally, physically and spiritually. Normal! If you’ve gotten into a habitual state of feeling this way, maybe it’s time to shift some things through gratitude.

Life consists of many small parts working to form one big part, and when the smaller parts seem out of whack, it feels like putting a giant puzzle together when 10 pieces are missing.

Showing gratitude can make the smaller things feel like they’re working for the best, not the worst.

When we value the smaller parts working to build the biggest parts of life, we end up with a life of satisfaction. It may sound superficial, but in this case! When we operate from a high level of satisfaction, we are more present within ourselves and to the environment.

When we’re more present, we are likely to create and sustain life from a more genuine place. Think about how beneficial that is.

2. It Will Help You Be More Patient

At times we tend to value more of what’s happening now, instead of valuing the outcome of what’s happening. That basically means we are quick to place importance on things not happening in our favor, than to place importance on the outcomes of the things currently happening.

Let’s use trading stocks as an example! As an investor, you know the importance of waiting for the right entry point of a stock, then following through with the rest of the steps: giving the position time to develop, knowing how long you should hold it, and when to sell it.

You’ve nailed your entry point, but suddenly you notice the price of the stock isn’t matching your point. Instead it rises. This causes you to make an irrational move in hopes of not missing the trade.

You not only miss out on the opportunity to make great money, but you also create a miserable situation for yourself by disobeying rules of the trade.

All we have is the present moment, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t think about the future outcomes of them. However, if you choose to place importance on the present moment, let it be an importance that will end the situation in a positive manner.  

Showing gratitude in the present will in return create better results for the future.

3. Reclaiming Your ‘Why’

We put so much effort into the things we desire, that by the time we get them, we’re exhausted, causing us to sometimes forget our initial reason behind chasing them.

It’s not wrong to chase out desires, but let’s not forget to give each moment the gratification it deserves.

Taking time to observe each moment with gratitude will get rid the want to complain and the tendency to keep going without acknowledging the purpose of our actions.

When we acknowledge the reason for chasing our desires, we begin to create an abundance of those things. They multiply.

We can create an abundance of these things by remaining connected to our ‘why’.

Implementing Gratitude Into Your Day-to-Day Life

In order to implement gratitude into our lives, we have to begin by tweaking some of our day-to-day habits. Below are a few useful tips for getting into the groove:

  • First things first, make gratitude a habit: make it a part of your morning routine by writing down what you’re thankful for.
  • Be Present: See your life in its current state by taking mini breaks throughout your day to focus on what’s going on.
  • Breathe
  • Express your creative side more: stay creative with things you do throughout your day. If feel one thing is becoming mundane, switch it up. It’s all about forming new practices.
  • Give yourself and others compliments.
  • Negative thoughts: Follow with a positive statement.
  • Write down what you’re grateful for: write them on sticky notes. Post them on everything.
  • Applaud your strengths more often.
  • Thank your services: sometimes we get flustered when we have to pay so many bills. Understandable! Next time you find yourself frustrated, thank all of the services available to you! Remember, these services are contributing to your crafts and giving you the ability to sustain life–phones, laptops, utilities, etc.

Showing gratitude really begins with the small things. Pay attention to them!

Final Thoughts

Recovering a sense of gratitude throughout the day will build patience, change the quality of quality of life, and help reclaim you ‘why.’ By implementing a few of the steps above into a daily routine, happiness will naturally come.