If you don’t learn how to be responsible in life, you are potentially impairing it in many of its areas because most likely than not, nobody else is going to do the work you’re supposed to do for you.

This means that unless you commit to taking charge for those areas, you’ll be wholly drifted away by the currents of instability. You won’t have the right control over your finances, relationships, and worst of all, on your health if you always keep delegating your responsibility to external factors.

Perhaps you secretly keep hoping that somebody else will come to rescue you for no reason, or maybe you keep asking for help to others in such circumstances where you don’t want to deliberately engage yourself not to “burn calories.”

But what if this attitude is leading you to lose yourself in a disempowering loop instead of getting you fortified every day more?

Keep reading because in the next 2 minutes you’ll learn how to avoid this.

What Is Responsibility?

“The price of greatness is responsibility,” said Winston Churchill. I totally agree with this and you? It’s important to define the word “responsibility” better to understand what Churchill meant.

Responsibility comes from the Latin word “responsus,” which means “to respond.” Taking responsibility thus means acknowledging that you have the power to control something deliberately in your own life so that you can lead that thing to a desired outcome opposed to a random (undesired) one.

What can you extract from Churchill’s quote? Understanding his story will help you clarify that even better.

Winston Churchill’s Responsibility

Winston Churchill was a British statesman writer and prime minister who led Britain to victory during the second world war. Even though his achievements have been far greater than the ones of the average person, he wasn’t always that successful.

At his young age, he did poorly in school and even failed at sixth grade. His father hoped to make him become an attorney, but Churchill didn’t manage to get in the school because his grades were not good enough, so he tried another path, going for the army career.

During the first two attempts, he didn’t manage to get in, but he eventually got accepted at the third trial. Once in, he operated as a tactical officer but without much success, in fact, during the first world war, he was considered the responsible one for the famous “Gallipoli disaster.” After that, he continued to stay in the army, holding the commander position. After having suffered many defeats and having accumulated the necessary experience, he finally managed to prove his excellent strategist abilities that seemed to emerge little by little.

Eventually he was appointed prime minister, and after all those unsuccessful years, he took the responsibility to lead Great Britain during the Second World War, being able to bring it to victory with glory.

As you can see, his success didn’t come easily. If he didn’t take that responsibility himself to persist and taking the lead in the face of difficulties, probably he wouldn’t have become so famous and wouldn’t have led Great Britain to victory.

Changing My Social Life for the Better By Being Responsible

I’m not as influential as Winston Churchill, and I don’t work in the army, but I’ve also been a witness of how taking responsibility for my actions and stepping up independently to the things I wanted was a total game changer for me, especially in the social world.

I still remember when I didn’t have many friends and women to spend time with, hating my social life more than mathematics. Back then, I thought to be just unlucky and to be predestined to remain forever alone. Only now, after 8 years passed, and having changed the responsibility I put in my social life all I can say is “of course I didn’t have friends and women, I didn’t even bother to talk to them!”

As soon as I started taking social action, things began to change little by little until my social life changed completely. It went the one where I didn’t have many friends and a single date in 4 years to one where I am always surrounded by people and have multiple dates each month with the women I like. By merely taking responsibility to make things happen, I got rewarded with more social freedom and abundance.

3 Actionable Steps to Make You More Responsible

How can you expect How can you expect to change your life if you don’t take responsibility for it? It’s time for you to step up your game, and you can do it by applying those 3 simple steps below.

change your life if you don’t take responsibility for it? It’s time for you to step up your game, and you can do it by applying those 3 steps below.

Step 1: Take a look at what you’re doing with your life and see in which areas you need to become more responsible. Ask for feedback to the people you trust more so that you can get a broader perspective on it.

Step 2: Make things happen in those areas you need to improve, even if nobody asks you to do that. Yes, that’s the problem, we usually wait for others to ask us to do something but, guess what? That’s not gonna happen as you are the one that has to move the wheel first and create the inertia.

Step 3: As soon as you learn to be responsible for yourself, make a commitment to step even further and help your loved ones become more responsible so that you can be part of the gratifying tribe of people helpers.

Your Key Takeway

With that said, I hope you have it clear that taking responsibility to make things happen is also your responsibility and not mine. All I can do with this article is to give you that little spark and to trigger self-analysis, but then you’ll need to move your feet so, get responsible and go take action right now.