Given all the unknown’s we face in today’s new normal your mind could be having a field day creating all kinds of stories about your future.

You may find yourself saying things like…

What if the virus comes back?
How will I be able to manage home schooling my kids again?
Will my life ever return back to normal?

This is normal reaction to uncertainty, but the wild part is — you haven’t even lived your future yet, so the stories your mind tells you simply cannot be true until they happen.

But, that doesn’t stop them from running and eventually coming to life. So, how do you stop your mind from making up stories and these stories taking up so much of your mental energy?

First you have to recognize when you have given power to your emotions. You see — emotions, if we let them, can rule our mind and impact our lives in not so healthy ways.

Here are the top 3 indicators your emotions have taken you over:

You’re reactive
You’re stress eating
You’re tired all the time

So, how do you shift into your personal power, reconnect to your inner brilliance and grow your mental strength now?

  1. Slow down. Take a pause and a big deep breath in. The practice of reconnecting to your body through breath will allow you to become aware of all that you are holding onto. Remember, the body stores millions of bits of information for you and when you’re not filing things away properly, it will go into system overload.
  2. Feed your mind healthy thoughts. What you think and feel shape your reality. If you’re trapped inside of an unhealthy paradigm you will feel like you don’t have a way out. So, pull out a journal and get writing. This is the easiest way to clear your mind out and return to center.
  3. Give thanks. Ask your soul, your spirit guides, and angels to surround you in light and thank them for all the blessings you have. Giving thanks will help your return to the present moment and connect to the abundance that surrounds you. Gratitude is one of the most powerful acts on planet Earth.