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Does your mindset control you?

Or do you control your mind?

Do you know that a shift in mindset can really change your life?

The mind has a mind of its own, or so it seems. Sometimes it feels like it just does what it wants, and then the body follows suit.  A lot of times, we are mentally disorganized because of our mindset.

Whatever you set your mind on (mind-set) becomes your reality, and wherever your attention goes, your energy follows. 

Knowing this, whatever experiences you’ve encountered will shape the way you see the world.

Our perception is unique to us. It can almost seem like an illusion because our mindset can easily alter it.

If you choose to stop believing in something or dwelling in an emotion, instantly, the world around you starts to change.

I like to compare the mindset to a pilot flying an airplane who can switch altitudes at any time.

  • What level are you operating from? 
  • What speed are you cruising at this very moment? 
  • Or are you stuck in auto-pilot?

Creating content comes naturally to me – especially if my mind is clear and stable. I want to share what works best for me – especially when I’m stuck in a fog.

So let’s talk about 3 ways you can tame the mind and change your mindset.

I’m not gonna lie; this was mind-boggling to me at first. Like, I didn’t know I held so much power. It’s such a big responsibility to be able to change your world in such an instant. 

But it’s also such a liberating feeling as well.

Like you mean to tell me I don’t have to sit in this funk if I don’t want to? 

Ok, say no more!

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I like to think of it this way….

Your mindset is like a temporary stop on the way to your final destination. If you arrive there unintentionally, you can always leave. 

But how do you know the stop isn’t for you? …….You become aware.

1.Your Awareness Is Key

Awareness is a tool that will help you spot the funk around you. It’s like having super-vision.

Being able to detect this takes practice, my friend.

Being aware wasn’t something I was good at initially. But I’ve literally trained my mind to become aware of my surroundings and inner state at all times. By doing this, I’m able to change my mindset when it doesn’t serve me.

Practice is the name of the game here…oh, and patience, of course!

Let me share a secret about how you can do this…ok, not so much a secret…..more like a brain hack. 

For example:

  1. If you are feeling down, become aware of this. 
  2. Then ask yourself, “why am I feeling this way?”
  3. After you’ve found the reason, ask, “ what can I do to change this?”

Initially, this awareness may feel uncomfortable because it will take energy to switch gears from this space.

But trust me, this is where the magic will happen…….ok, not so much ‘magic’ but more so a chemical reaction – you can almost feel it after doing it a few times.

(Wouldn’t that be rather cool tho?!….. Like BAM! snap yo finger and TA-DAH!….life is all better)


    4.Act on the solution you’ve discovered.

    5. Mentally sit in this new space and welcome the new feeling.

By successfully doing this, you have become aware of your mental state and shifted gears.

Now, I KNOW It’s easier said than done, and every scenario is different.

But use this as a template to awaken and listen to that discomfort – it’s usually awareness speaking. 

2. Build Your Mental Strength

Mental strength is like the muscles of the mind. It’s something you work on EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Since the mind doesn’t have ‘muscles,’ and you can’t ‘see’ it getting stronger, how else can you measure this strength?

Two words:

Physical Exercise.

Believe it or not, studies have shown that engaging in physical activity can strengthen the mind and help to change the mindset.

Working out is MENTAL before it becomes physical.

Lifting weights is cool and all, but if you lack mental strength, you will NOT be able to push yourself to your maximum potential – even to do that last rep.

(Speaking from first-hand experience here!)

You have to realize that the body does what the brain tells it to do. 

So by building your muscles, the body becomes aligned with the mind and can carry out strenuous activities.

By consistently doing this, the mind gets more robust and can handle mental challenges (stress, trauma, loss, etc.) without breaking so easily.

This practice can create positive mindset changes that can drastically improve your life and well-being.

3. Mindful Meditation

Being mindful and intentional is honestly an excellent practice to develop to help with life’s struggles.

There are many ways to be mindful, but my absolute favorite is combining it with meditation.

Mindful meditation is meditation with intent. It is about being present and aware of your mind and body with ease and without judgment.

It focuses on breathwork and building concentration while observing your thoughts/ emotions as they come and go.

I love it because I get to step outside of my mind and observe my thoughts, feelings, and emotions – like watching flowing traffic.

I use guided meditations mostly because they take my awareness step by step to certain body parts or a specific scenery.

Seriously, this calms my mind, and I am just mentally flowing while resisting control.

I know, I know, meditation is not an easy practice, especially in the beginning – but I was like that too, and some days are easier than others.

But the point is not to be perfect at it….

  • But just to let go and go with the flow.
  • Release tension mentally.
  • Build awareness and acceptance.

Give it a try at least; there are plenty of helpful Youtube videos – even if it’s just 5 mins. 

The Calm app and the Headspace app are great resources as well. (not sponsored – honestly love them)

Practicing mindful meditation over time allows you to become aware of your mental state, creating positive changes to your mindset. 

It ceases the battle of the mind and allows you to observe your thoughts without labels.

Good or Bad thoughts?

There’s no such thing. 

Just let go of the ones that don’t serve you and give power to those who do. 

By doing this, you gain the strength to switch to whatever mindset best aligns with your purpose.

Let’s Recap

The mind can be tricky if we don’t know how it works. Yet, mindset is everything and shapes how we view the world.

It’s a game-changer once we realize that everything is mental before it becomes physical. You have the power to channel and change your mindset at all times. With awareness, mental strength, and mindful meditation (to name a few), you’ll be well on your way. 

Which method have you tried or will try?

How do you shape your mindset?