Think about your surroundings as the tapestry of your life, it is so important what you allow in your space. If you accept the premise that everything is made of energy and carries an energetic feeling or vibration, think about the impact that could have on your thoughts. If each decoration or visual, or sound, has an energetic feeling to it, you can just as easily place things around you that make you feel safe, inspired, and happy as you can, something that does the opposite. 

There is a lot in our lives that we Do NOT have control over, especially in this scary unprecedented time, but You DO in fact have control over your thoughts and what inspires them. 

  1. Control your Social Media Exposure

One area that has a huge impact on our lives is social media, so let’s start here.

Think about your Instagram feed as a perfect example. Your Instagram feed should be full of things that you enjoy looking at, make you smile and laugh.  Quotes that inspire and motivate you and are filled with beautiful visuals. Think of it as a Vision Board. Be brutally selective with who and what you allow in. Unfollow anyone not in alignment. The same goes for Facebook, join positive, uplifting groups. Be mindful of choosing to stay away from negativity. A lot of groups get really political and critical, and can be argumentative, choose groups with supportive communities that you can learn from.

2. Making a Home Sanctuary

Another important place to focus on is your home. Create a safe sanctuary for yourself. Make it a place you are happy to come home to. When doing this, take into account all the senses.

SMELL a relaxing, calming scent, your favorite aromatherapy oil or scented candle. 

SIGHT, beautiful things that make you happy, photos of your family or happy times. Posters or things that inspire you, inexpensive wall decals. 

SOUND, music that feeds your soul, songs that give you happy chills. 

TOUCH, things that feel soft, cozy, comforting. Pillows or blankets that feel soft to the touch.

TASTE, something delicious and decadent or healthy and nutritious. 

5 Simple, inexpensive ways to create your Home Sanctuary

  1. Clean out a space in your house, it can be a small corner or a whole room if you are lucky enough to have one. Remove the clutter as much as you can. 
  2. Lighting is important, find a way to make the lighting dim. Or use candle light. 
  3. Put a comfortable pillow or chair in that space with a cozy blanket. 
  4. Pick a fresh flower or a sprig of lavender and put it in a vase. Or add a diffuser with your favorite scent. 
  5. Add sound, on your phone or any device you have. Pick music that relaxes you, or choose guided meditations for free on YouTube. 

“Creating a sanctuary is a catalyst towards manifesting peace in all areas of your life.”

3. Putting good thoughts in your Head at Bedtime.

Most people are really busy during the day and a soon as they climb into bed, they take the time to think about what bothered them during the day. They obsess over an argument or situation that upset them, and re-live every word. It is hard not to, but turn that around. This is the perfect opportunity to put positive thoughts in your head. You are about to go to sleep for 6-8 hours. Even if you feel that you have to do this, make it for a very limited time, don’t let it be the last thing you are thinking about!

Your subconscious will focus on what you think about as you are drifting off. Your thoughts will control your quality of sleep. 

Create a nightly ritual to support this, it doesn’t have to be long or complicated. For example, think about 3 things that happened during the day you are grateful for, or that made you smile as you are about to drift off to sleep. Focus on the details of those moments. There is always something to be grateful for. The more that you do this, the more it becomes a habit. 

As humans, we never stay the same, we are either getting better, or we are getting worse. Our thoughts control our reality and create our life. To become the master of your destiny, learn to control your thoughts with these simple steps!

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