The culture of philanthropic giving is increasingly gaining adoption within the United States. In 2018, for example, Americans gave up to $428 billion to charity organizations. This figure is expected to slightly increase in the coming years, even as the opportunities to give continue to increase. With more Americans coming on board to help alleviate social and economic challenges, the chances are that you may get interested in becoming a charity donor. Here are some tips on how to give to charity without necessarily breaking the bank.

Volunteering more

With more people adopting the concept of donating finances and physical assets to charity, you can help make a difference by volunteering your time instead of donating cash. Donating your skills, time, and efforts in helping serve the community in various ways, through charity programs, has an equal impact to giving cash donations. Providing your time to serve in various positions, such as cleaning the environment, helping the elderly, serving the veterans, as well as building homes for the homeless, is a great way to make a lasting impact.

Selling your old stuff

In case you’re passionate about donating to charity on a budget, you may think of unconventional ways, such as selling your old household items to raise some money. This option is quite suitable, especially if you have some old items in your house, such as cars, electronics, or even other garage items. Selling these items at a fair price gives you an opportunity to make an impact by donating the money to a charity organization of your choosing. The good thing with such a project is that you will be able to achieve your objectives without necessarily forking some money from your pockets.