Whether it’s by choice or from circumstances beyond their control, there are a lot of people beginning the new year on the job hunt.

Depending on an individual’s approach, starting the year on the job search can bring with it a renewed sense of purpose. But for others, it can be a very challenging way to kick off the year.

I won’t lie, job search isn’t quick and simple. But, it doesn’t have to be a miserable process either! I recommend that everyone on the job search find a way to embrace the process.

I know this sounds easier said than done, but by changing just a few habits, you can not only embrace the process, but excel at job search.

Commit To Learning The Process

When it comes to the job search process, you can’t just wing it by searching for a job here and there and applying to every opening you come across.

Many people struggle in the job search process because they don’t know how to do it correctly. School teaches us everything except how to find a job. It’s essential that you take some time to learn about the job search process before you actually start applying for jobs.

The job search process isn’t rocket science, but like any skill (and trust me, job search is a skill) you need the training and resources to do it well. By doing the research you’ll learn that you just can’t apply to every job opening – otherwise known as the “Spay & Pray Method.”

Instead, you need a job search strategy that includes an interview bucket list of 10-20 companies that you want to work with, along with a networking strategy to make important connections within those companies.

If you have no clue what anything in the above paragraph means, that’s a major sign that you need to commit some time to learning about the job search process.

There are many great resources online that can help you with this, including this newsletter and my company, Work It Daily.

Make Job Search Part Of Your Routine

I’ve written extensively about how to fit the job search process into your routine, but here’s a really simple way to do it.

Multiple studies show that on average people spend one hour a day scrolling mindlessly on social media. Are you one of those people? If not social media, is there an hour in your day that could be put to better use?

Start out by investing 10-20 minutes each day into learning about the job search process, and from there you can build a more robust routine for your job search.

Whether it’s physical fitness or learning a new skill, people usually find a way to fit these goals into their daily routines if they want them bad enough. With the job search process, you must be willing to invest the time.

It’s All About Your Approach

I mentioned at the beginning of this newsletter, how a person approaches the job search can go a long way to determining their ultimate success. 

If you consider the job search process an obligation that you must get through to find employment, a means to an end, you may find that the process is a grind and struggle. In addition, if you’re not properly motivated, you may not be willing to go the extra mile needed to get the most out of the job search.

I encourage job seekers to view every job search as an opportunity. Obviously the ultimate goal is to find a job, but there’s a lot of other value you can gain just from the process. For example, some of the connections you make along the way can turn into important professional relationships that lead to job opportunities in the future.

Perhaps most importantly, the knowledge and confidence you gain from conducting a proper, and successful, job search stays with you and you can hit the ground running the next time you’re on the job hunt.

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