3 Ways to Get Involved in Your Community - Annesley Abercorn - Thrive Global

Reaching out to others is difficult, especially during a time when we are being told to maintain social distancing. However, there are a few ways to help others while staying safe, such as supporting local journalists, giving your time, and donating what you have for others.

Buy and Use A Local Paper

A local paper has a lot of information about local events and news. For example, your community might be hosting a sports event or creative arts exhibit, which you can use to meet people in your town. After meeting, find ways to follow up with those people, especially if they expressed a passion for community work. Buying a local paper has the added benefit of encouraging journalists in your area.


There are about a thousand ways to volunteer your time in any community depends on the day. Once when schools return after the summer holiday, you might work as a tutor at a local library or literacy council. Or you can help serve at a food bank or soup kitchen. Finally, you can create a programme to serve if you see a need that isn’t currently being filled.


Donating can and often does mean giving money, but it can also mean targeting an empty counter at the food bank. Or it can mean giving away clothes to a local charity shop. However, you should try to find out what these locations need rather than merely giving them your used items. 

Getting involved in your community does not have to be complicated. You can always fill a need through donation, whether that need is monetary or physical. It’s also effortless to ask what needs to be donated, which will be sure to help others. Volunteering is another excellent option to help get you involved in your community. You can volunteer to work with any age, depending on the programmes your region has in place. If certain parts of your population are underserved, find ways to raise that service level. Finally, you can support your local paper by reading it and using it.