Sylvester Knox Thrive Global Submission
3 Ways to Get Involved in Your Community - Sylvester Knox

It is a strange irony that in a world that is far more connected than at any time in the past, people are experiencing a stronger sense of loneliness than ever before. Loneliness can have a significant detrimental impact on your emotional, mental and even physical health. Some experts even believe America is experiencing a loneliness epidemic that may soon be on par with or even far outstrip the current opioid crisis. In fact, the opioid crisis may even be the result of an even greater loneliness epidemic. Humans have a deep need for connection, to feel a part of a community. Here are three great ways to get involved in your community.


There are very few charities, non-profits or other organizations that can’t use volunteers for a wide range of projects. Whether you have a few hours once a month or a few hours each week to volunteer, there are always organizations that can use whatever time you have to give. Not a big fan of people? No problem. Local animal shelters can always use some extra help and you don’t even have to talk to anyone. Like to work with your hands? Habitat For Humanity can always put you to work helping to build a home for someone in need. Whatever your interests or passions, there is likely an organization that can use what you have to offer.

Join a Class or a Group

From book clubs to cooking classes, most communities have recreation centers that offer a wide range of classes for both children and adults. If you have a gym membership, taking a specific spin or yoga class every week can be a great way to meet people that share the same interests as you, which is generally the best basis for developing good, solid friendships and other relationships. Recreational and leisure activities aren’t just good for your social life either, they are also good for your health.

Attend Local Events

From craft fairs to an outdoor concert, just attending local events can help you expand your horizons and get more involved with your community. Just showing up once in a while to participate in events with the rest of your community helps to ensure there will be plenty more events organized for everyone to enjoy.