Passions are the things we love that allow us to contribute to a greater cause. Each month, I facilitate various workshops on discovering passions. What I love most about presenting is that I always get to teach something new to myself along the way.

My two biggest passions are performing arts and leadership development. Helping multi-passionate women to create a business from their own passions is my purpose. This only happens when they gain confidence, create time and get focused on how they will share their passions with the world.

If you have already identified your passion, then you know your spark. Here are three tips for igniting your passions for life:

1. Use your Skills
Your talents and skills are within you. Develop them through personal enrichment. That’s the first step to discovering your purpose.

2. Use your Experience
Your story will bring change to someone else. That childhood struggle or work situation exemplifies how you can overcome obstacles. Use that revelation to strengthen others.

3. Use your Influence
Your current position offers a perspective on the past. Adjust your outlook and recognize the ability to design the blueprint of others you encounter.

Your spark is all that’s needed to ignite your passions for life. Passion provides the access to your success. Success comes from walking in your purpose. Purpose gives fuel to sharing the vision inside you. All that’s left is a community to help fan your flame.