It’s already yours” ~Universe

That sounds way too simple right? Like that quote is making it seem like the control is within your grasp. What if I told you it is that simple? What if I told you, If you make it, it will come. Vision Boards are the visual representation of your dreams. When you take the desires of your heart and put them in picture form on your board you are saying, Universe “Yes Please.” We have over 600,000 thoughts a day and 80% of those thoughts are negative. Let’s flip the script and visually put into our minds the person we want to be, let’s tell our brains a different story with a VISION BOARD.

  1. LOOK FOR PICTURES AND WORDS THAT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD INSIDE. When looking for things to put onto your vision board look for things that resonate with your heart and soul. Is there a vacation you can’t get out of your head or have always wanted to take? Find pictures of this dream vacation. See a quote or meme that gave your goosebumps, screenshot it and print it so you can also have it on your board. See your dream home on a walk, take a picture and print it, be sure to place it on your board. Check in with yourself, get in touch with your feelings and your desires so you can recognize things you want on your board when you see them.
  2. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS DREAM BIG Stretch yourself, put things on your board that will reflects your dreams in a big way. Dream vacations, dream houses, dream weddings, be sure to go big or go home. Vision boards help us visualize the life we want to live. If you are anything like me I have a hard time seeing my dreams in my mind. Therefore, the vision board is placing those very images in my mind and I know what I am going after. In the book “The Secret” it tells you the best way to manifest what you want is to visualize yourself with or in the dream. It talks about how children have the best imaginations and how we should try to think back to when we were children. Making the images you place on your vision board so important because it helps you see that dream first hand. So, be sure to dream big, stretch yourself, and use your imagination.
  3. HAVE FUN Why would I even have to say this? Honestly, some of us take life very serious. If we put it in the board we expect it, we get stressed when we see it not coming true, and we apply a lot of pressure to something that truly should be a lot of fun. The best way to manifest your dream life is to have fun creating it, think of things that set your soul on fire, and dream your on that vacation you always wanted. Put your board up in a place you can see it for a while so you can see first hand these dreams. Look at your board before bed and drift off to sleep with these visions circulating through your mind. Use your imagination in a fun way, see yourself swimming in the pool of your dream house, or holding a meeting at your dream position. Just be sure to have a blast while you manifest the life of your dreams.

As we move forward creating the life we have always wanted to live I want to remind you, your dreams don’t work unless you do. You want that dream vacation start looking at what it would take to travel to your dream location. That job you always wanted is an application away, but if you don’t apply you won’t qualify. Make the board, do the work, and watch your DREAMS COME TRUE.

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