The year is 2019, and the modern world is more connected, high pressured and busier than it has ever been before.

Because of the world we now live in we are subject to more situations (many of which are out of our control), that cause stress and anxiety.

Stress can arrive from a variety of situations such as work, friendships, money, and is a leading cause of relationship troubles.

It’s inevitable that stress will spill over into our relationships as we naturally bring home the troubles we have faced throughout the day.  

A happy relationship will allow you to go about your day to day lives easier, knowing that there is a support unit at home when you need it.

To nurture this relationship there are certain things to consider, in order to ensure you are reducing the levels of stress that enter the relationship itself:

Spending time alone 

Research has previously suggested that couples only spend between 2-2.5 hours a day together.

In a time when work lives have increased our time out of the home, its critical to ensure you are making time for each other.

There is no set time limit that you should spend together, however, its what you do in your time together that matters.

Ensure you put the phones down and actually talk face to face. I have often seen couples in restaurants or bars, simply staring into their phone and not actually taking the time to have a face to face talk. In fact, smart phone usage has doubled in the past ten years, so it’s more important now than ever before to get our daily fix of human interaction.

You need to also ensure that you spare time for each other and plan days away (if you have time off together). A change of scenery will allow you to open up and create memories together and better the overall relationship.

Dealing with troubles together

Any relationship will face hurdles and challenges. Its how you tackle these that is important.

Ensure you are open and honest with each other and do not hide any information or lie about anything important.

You need to tackle problems together, remembering to talk, listen and support each other. A problem shared is a problem halved!

Focus on what matters

Relationships are about the couple, not the what surrounds them.

There is often a lot of pressure from family or friends which needs to be put aside so you can focus on the two people who matter most.

One of the most high pressured days for any couple is their wedding day. Recent research published on Bride magazine by Grosvenor has suggested that more couples are now looking to runaway and elope, in order to spend their special day focusing just on themselves.

This idea of focusing just on the two people in the relationships is critical to a happy life.


A relationship is hard, but rewarding.

The modern world has changed the way we meet and communicate and allows us to often forget what is most important.

Supporting each other will reduce overall stress and anxiety and ensure you create a relationship that stands the test of time and improves your health and happiness.