Many of us rule stress as a normal part of life, which truly it is.  We deal with good stress like planning a wedding or getting promoted on your job and learning a new position.  We deal with bad stress like getting pulled over or dealing with a break up. No matter good or bad, too much stress is harmful to our bodies.  Finding healthy ways to de-stress is important not only for us mentally but it is important for his physically.  

  1. Go Outside
    Always, always, always find a way to go outside smell fresh air and take a moment to yourself. When architects and interior designers get together to design a new hospital one of the things they may try to do is bring the outside indoors. Plants not only purify the air, but they also may reduce anxiety. Have you ever heard someone say that gardening is therapeutic? Well, that is why getting outside is number one it really can bring a sense of calm to your crazy world. When it is sunny outside positive ions are released into the air, this good energy can be felt by many on beautiful days. So, if your feeling down or overwhelmed find your favorite place outdoors to hang out and gather your thoughts. The stress may not disappear, but you will find a space to find a solution to whatever may be stressing you.
  2. Meditate/Pray
    Meditation and prayer are two of the best ways to de-stress. Since the pandemic hit my stress levels have been through the roof. Trying to work full-time and be a full-time mom/teacher I can not describe the stress that hits my body daily. The moment I noticed the stress was taking over me, basically I was crying almost daily, I decided ok time to do something for me. I changed my morning rituals to include meditating for 20 minutes everyday. This sense of calm or clearing of my mind has allowed me to be the best parent I can be. It has allowed me to think and plan out my day which in turn made me feel more organized and on top of things. Same goes for prayer, when we pray to God asking for help or even thanking Him for all He has done, the sense of calm takes over. The thing about prayer and meditation we have to remember to leave the problem there. If we have faith that God or the universe is going to take care of whatever is stressing us then our faith should be what we stand on, not the worry or the concern our desires will not be met. So remember to take the time to de-stress by letting go and giving it over to higher power that will assist with whatever is plaguing you.
  3. Write/Make video Journal
    We all have different ways to de-stress. My inner little girl is screaming write it down, as I daydream about my diary days. Now your diary doesn’t have to consist of a little key with a lock on it at this point, but it does need to be a place of peace for you. Writing is a sense of release, allowing the problem to dance free on the paper, releasing it from your mind and worry. Sometime every writing it down guides you in the right direction to find a solution. Since we all learn and grow differently, another option consists of a video diary. Being in the era of social media being on camera is a thing of embarrassment past. Now we are in an age where we can make videos and delete them or not post them. Making a video diary lets you get all the thoughts in your head out. It puts you in a safe space to see your response and really get a hold on your emotions. Doing a video diary will even help with the release of your stress for you can cry, scream, rap, or sing in your video. The main goal is just to get those feelings out and release you’re stress even if it is just a little.

    Like a boiling tea pot, you don’t want to be the one to be hissing and screaming at everyone in your space. Find healthy ways to Reduce your stress. Stress is a natural part of our lives and truly life would be boring without our stresses, but it doesn’t mean they have to take over your life. If you feel stress is taking over your life join me on a journey like no other. Join me as we pursue your happiness one day at a time. Join the journey today!