Life is a whole lot better when you’re healthy. And if you’ve been thinking lately that you wish you had a bit more energy, or looked a bit better in that swimsuit, or felt a little bit less anxious, then you may be realizing that it’s time to do something about your lifestyle. The little things that we do every day — the habits, the small decisions, and even our own thought patterns — shape our lifestyles and, by extension, the health of our bodies and minds. If you’re going to enjoy a longer, happier, and healthier life, then you need to start changing the way you live. Now is the time to start.

Starting a healthier lifestyle today doesn’t mean that you’ll see results today, of course. Because health depends so much on all of the little things that we do every day, it will take a while for your new habits and choices to start accumulating and showing you the merits of your healthier lifestyle. But you will see results in the future if you start today and stick with your choices. Here are three ways to build a better, healthier life from now on.

Go grocery shopping

One of the most important things that you can do for your health is to eat right. But eating right is tough when your pantry is filled with chips and the pizza delivery is just a phone call or smartphone app away. So set yourself up for success: Go to the grocery store today and start building your new, healthier diet.

Stock up on whole (unprocessed) foods, especially vegetables. You can do this if you stick to the perimeter of the supermarket. That’s where you’ll find the veggies and meats. Venture into the aisles, and you’ll find stuff like chips and other processed foods, so steer clear of that.

Reset your sleep schedule

If you want to stay physically and mentally healthy, then you need your beauty rest. But messing up your sleep schedule is too easy if you go to sleep or wake up at an odd hour, because that will disrupt your circadian rhythm. And you can wreck your sleep with too much blue light late in the day, alcohol, caffeine before bed, or a lousy sleeping space.

So get it right tonight, and from now on. Skip the booze, go to bed when you should, and keep your space cool, quiet, and dark as you get your rest. Set your alarm and wake up at the right time tomorrow, even if your first night of proper sleep habits doesn’t give you a perfect result (it probably won’t). If you keep going to bed and waking up at the right time each day, you’ll be able to set a proper sleep schedule that will leave you with a clearer mind and in a better mood. That will make sticking to your diet and exercise goals a lot easier!

Make an appointment to see a therapist

You probably go to the doctor pretty regularly, and you certainly wouldn’t skip a trip to the doctor’s office, urgent care center, or hospital if you had a serious illness or a broken leg. But can you honestly say that you put the same emphasis on caring for your mental health?

Most of us can’t. Many Americans neglect their mental health, and plenty of people with serious mental health conditions like depression aren’t working with mental health care professionals as they should be. Some lack access to that care; others simply aren’t seeking it.

Whether you’re suffering from a mental illness or not, you should see a therapist. Therapy will give you insights and strategies that will help you respond in healthier ways to the people and the world around you. And getting a therapist is easy. Just look online on a site such as or check in with your primary care provider to ask about finding a therapist.